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Noble Fir

Oh my….did we have a good laugh during tree picking time! Hubba found a short needled Noble Fir and was very curious to why it’s needles were so short so he stopped the Home Depot employee, who had offered help only minutes earlier… Very serious, “Why are these needles so short and dense compared to the other Noble firs?” I looked at the man and said to Hubba, “Honey he didn’t make it he’s just selling it, it was nature….nature’s so cool” Hubba shot me the shut up devil women look…the employee nodded and moved about his bussiness….We decided the short, dense needled Noble Fir was destined to be ours, so joe and tony did a crazy dance in the tree lot

….and it was ours!

We had theories on the way home….elf tree, the littles live in the tree, it’s magic….a good Christmas buying tree event!

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Nerf is back!

Nerf wars come and go, I think the commercials around the Holidays bring back the need for nerf fun!

Making attack plans

dirty look to the person eavesdropping on the attack plans….not even moms with camera are allowed to listen when an attack plan is being prepared(the nerve)

I love when they run around in the front yard like wild Indians! I just love it!

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Whale watching

The third graders got a once in a lifetime field trip…one of the third grade Dad’s owns a whale watching boat company, so the whole class got to go whale watching! Luckily, a dear friend was on the boat and she had time to snap a quick picture of Joe, his first time ever in the open ocean! ¬†They didn’t see whales, but tons of dolphins made them just as happy!

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Island Hotel

We went and checked out the gingerbread houses at the Island Hotel near Fashion Island. It was a small little village with a train running around it. Maybe 20 houses total. We watched Elf saturday night, that lights last night, ginerbread today….The holidays AREN’T coming….they are here!

and even though we were at a fancy smancy Hotel….boys were still boys!

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Christmas lights in OC

Tonight we went in search of a great light display and we struck gold! The Blount Family light display was awesome, we tuned into FM 100.1 on the car radio and listened while the light danced to the music. When we got out to take a picture Mr. Blount introduced himself and brought us apple cider. We hadn’t planned to go look at his wife’s inside display of Christmas, but after talking to him the kids got excited and we went in! It was amazing! Department 56 displayed everywhere! So Cool. Then we went back outside and texted a message so it displayed on a screen in the front of the house! Joe was so excited to see our last name come up in lights! We stayed the 40 minutes and watched the whole light show, and happily went home to our corner of the world.

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Christmas Magnets

Let the Christmas Crafts begin! Circle Magnets, wood shapes(.29 cents at Michaels), E6000 glue, cotton balls, acrylic paint, and glitter. Wham! An afternoon of getting into the spirit! I also bought mini bulds and we glued the cicle magnets on the back….giving them to Auntie and Nana as an early Christmas gift!

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Happy Thanksgiving

We started off  Turkey day with a little stroll over at the Irvine Regional Park.

The boys played a little football…Tony’s tiny nerf football fell into a gopher hole, we were a little fearful the was going to lose his hand:)

Then the boys explored the dry river bed and while I stayed on the path up on the bank. Tony looked like wylie coyote waiting for the roadrunner!

Something about watching them explore makes me super happy…

opps I was spotted by Joe, which means the standard Joe pose….before this he was on a search mission for the perfect rock!

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Bass Pro Shop

The boys had the day off of school and are eager to put together a Christmas wish list. So Hubba took them to the man store. Sling shots, cross bows, pocket knives,….a young mans dream store!

They went, saw, and conquered the whole Bass Pro man store and are pooped!

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I found a greeting card at a Shipping store with a dogs head through the center of a cardboard turkey. It made me happy, so very happy. The only thing that would make me happier would be to see my kids head through the same turkey hole….and it was so! Hubba made it for me and I took it to Nick and Joe’s class and took a picture of all the kids with their little heads popping through the turkey body. It pleased me!

Then, I got home and had Tony put his head in the hole too! ….And it pleased me again!

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Walk through the American Revolution

Nick was John Adams but he chose to dress for his skit as a Red Coat! He forgot a couple lines but he new them well at home:) I’m so happy I get to see this stuff. It’s amazing the information they are given at these mini history lessons.

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