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Halloween 2011

Presenting….Sir Elton John

Tiki Mon

And good ol’Saint Nick

We had a great Halloween, Tony went on his own w/friends for a lil bit, then he met back up with us. He got full size candy bars from four houses for “most original costume”, Nick gave out candy, peppermint disks, to all who gave him candy….which tickled the candy givers, which made Nick’s night, And Joe got looks of questions, giggles, and pictures taken of his super starness as Sir Elton John….when asked to sing, he said he didn’t know any of the songs(which is true!) All-in-all I’d say we had a pretty awesome Halloween!

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School Fall Fun

Fall pageant….fall craft, a Halloween movie, some popcorn…twas a great day!

Everyone is a clown!

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Carving them up

Watched The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, had a pumpkin roll for dessert (which Hubba loved). Listened to spooky Halloween Caroles and enjoyed a night of pumpkin carving fun!

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Second Place in Regular Season

Today’s game was a huge loss….the boys were bummed, but I reminded Tony, when we got home that second place is an amazing feat. The last place team would love to trade places!

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Fall Festival

The boys have always enjoyed the schools fall festival. This year was no different….Nick zoned in on the airbrush tatoo ma early in the evening and now has tats up and down both arms!

Joe and a few Ninja friends were having at it out in the field behind all the carnival activities..

Then Joe, pooped out, finished the evening with the cake walk….I think he won, 5 times!

Tony got some volunteer hours done for middle school along with several alums… was all the good kids and he had a great time.

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Prisoners of Love,not.

The boys never wear their real Halloween costume to the fall festival because they get super thrashed, running around the elementary school howling at the moon. So I picked up some discounted prisoner costumes with the idea of making them prisoners of love. I got a quick picture on the front lawn, but those hearts made it no further than that.Sooooo cute.

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Friday 5th grade art

The kids made paper flowers and they made animals out of leaves.

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Magnetic Personality

Joe was chilling in the livingroom, playing with the magnets that you throw up in the air close together and they make a clicking sound. Ahhhh, the simple things in life:)

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That’s right a little football, a little hoop and a lot of laughs. They play for about 2 hours straight in the front yard. I love it when they get to play hard. Makes me happy to be a stay at home Momma.

Hubba and Tony were at football practice…..the official season is almost over, then playoffs!

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Just Dance Joe and Luke!

Nick and Luke’s brother, Ethan are at a Bird’s and Bee’s Connection class so the lil Bros are here! Ate dinner, did homework, read a little, then a little dancing!!! I love these guys!

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