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At the pool

The Y at night. I’ve been meaning to get Joe here, but things keep popping up, so tonight Nick and Joe got to swim until dark.


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Sky High

Been focused on getting chores, workbooks, and sleep back on track for the start of school….I have forgot to let the lil critters whoop-it up… today they bounced.

Nick never left the dodgeball game

Joe pooped himself out! boing-boing-boing!

Tony was just bouncing off the walls.

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freak out

Coming back from a vacation where people bring barking dogs, I was waaaaay looking forward to a good nights sleep. But my brain said…no-no-no. My brain said: What do the boys need for school? Did I lock my van door? I have to call the dentist, Tony lost a filling,…blah, blah, blah. Stupid brain.

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Headed home

Farewell Campland, we are headed home…everyone had a great time.

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Paddle board and water play

Day 5 brought Nana down and Nick’s friend Jack along with his Mom. Tony tried his hand a paddle boarding…

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The Raft

When we got back from Seaport Village it was straight to the beach. Nick bought a raft with his chore moola and it was a whole-lotta fun!

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Seaport Village

Day Four brought us to Seaport Village(It was one of two things on Tony’s list).

Joe got the gun, Nick didn’t get the hat but got a new icecube tray for his collection. Tony got a harmonica which he played the rest of the day.

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