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Wide Receiver

We went to Tony’s first scrimmage and watched him get his first play time of his tackle career. He played in the third quarter.I think he had a good time.

What’s a wide receiver you ask? Here:
wide receiver is an offensive position in  football, and is the key player in most of the passing plays. Only players in the backfield or the ends on the line are eligible to catch a forward pass. The two players who begin play at the ends of the offensive line are eligible receivers, as are all players in the backfield. The backs and ends who are relatively near the sidelines are referred to as “wide” receivers. At the start of play, one wide receiver may begin play in the backfield, at least a yard behind the line of scrimmage. The wide receiver on the right begins play in the backfield. Wide receivers (also referred to as wideouts or simply receivers) are among the fastest and most agile players in the game, and they are frequent highlight-reel favorites.The wide receiver’s principal role is to catch passes from the quarterback. On passing plays, the receiver attempts to avoid, outmaneuver, or simply outrun defenders  in the area of his pass route. If the receiver becomes open, or has an unobstructed path to the destination of a catch, he may then become the quarterback’s target. Once a pass is thrown in his direction, the receiver’s goal is to first catch the ball and then attempt to run downfield. Some receivers are perceived as a deep threat because of their flat-out speed, while others may be possession receivers known for not dropping passes, running crossing routes across the middle of the field, and generally, converting third down situations. A receiver’s height and weight also contribute to his expected role; tall in height and light in weight are advantages at the receiver position.

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i didn’t want a life session, mom

On the way to football camp Joe asked if I went to a party that I had mentioned I was going to attend. I didn’t go. I started to explain priorities, responsibilities, my time restraints….Joe spoke up, “Mom, stop I didn’t want a life session…just one word.” Then today on the way back from swimming he asked. “Mom are there personal hovercraft?” I answered “yes, I’m sure some MIT student takes a personal hovercraft he made to the desert somewhere and has a great time. But they aren’t allowed on the road and a large company doesn’t mass produce them for the majority of people.” Joe replied, “MOM, NO LIFE SESSIONS…ONE WORD.” -God bless him, I pray he doesn’t marry a therapist or a member of a debate team. The dude is not into words.

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