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A Summer Day

“For us, there is only the trying. The rest is not our business.” ~T.S. Eliot
A Day in summer looks like this: Get up make Tony a piece of toast and scrambled eggs with some OJ, Joe has the same, Nick has a bagel with a slice of cheese. Tony leaves for guards. Make Hubba a bowl of cereal. Empty the dishwasher. The boys do their morning chores, feed the dog…take out the trash. Joe starts sit ups in livingroom, I get out the summer workbooks and tear a few pages out of each one. Nick starts sit ups in livingroom. Joe plays legos. Nick comes out to the garage and he starts on the elliptical for twenty minutes. Joe starts his workbook pages. Joe starts the elliptical and Nick starts his workbook pages. A break….Nick goes to ice cubes, Joe to Legos. I load the dishwasher and the wash machine. I get a brilliant idea to sneak out of the house a get myself a breakfast burrito. I do it. Come home make lunch. Tony brings two kids from junior guards home, provide a snack and waters. Look for a good meat recipe online for dinner. Take Nick to Sam’s for an hour to play before swimming. Stop by the grocery store and pick up a beef tenderloin. Pick up Nick from Sam’s house. Take Nick to swimming. Put potatoes in the oven for dinner. Take Tony to football practice. Get gas. Read in my car until practice is over, Bring Tony home. Make dinner. Update my blog.

i am tired and tomorrow will come quickly with another, just like today.

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