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Display Case

The display case at the elementary school has been driving me crazy since Tony was little. It’s always thrown together with no intent. I vonunteered to fix it before school started this year….and that’s what I did this very day.

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best day in a while

One of my bunco buddies texted that her daughter went to take an online computer test and she saw her teacher’s name. We aren’t supposed to have that information until Friday. Some computer error. It is such a relief to get that information early. Nick and Joe got great Teachers. I’m hoping for a real positive year!

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lil One-on-one

Half-time turned into the end of the game…not before insulting me, Nick was looking at his guinness book of world records and Joe piped in with “Mom, I bet you could grow a beard longer than the longest womans beard in the world.” -nice.

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Why, it’s not hot at the Y!

The boys cooled down on this rather hot August day at the Y pool!

Nick, Hubba, and Tony were going under Joe and blowing bubbles to enhance his relaxation.

It looks more like a weapon than an exercising tool. Sorry.

Joe enjoyed hopping in over and over and over….the good life!

the scuba monster from the turquoise lagoon:)

The towel monster is ready for home sweet home!

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Afternoon at the beach

Hubba got up at 4:30 today to get some work done before the weigh in for football. When they got home he, we had lunch and then he declared it a beach day. He worked a little more, I ran up with Tony and finished his back-to-school shopping. Then we headed to the beach.

Tony found a moustache rock

Nick found a starfish

And Joe found inner peace

We saw dolphins, the boys found a huge crab, and we left when they were all crabby because they were hungry!

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I keep buying those personal size watermelon….& I keep thinking, what a rip off…they are soooo darn expensive. Well today I bought a big honker, and I cut it in huge slices and all was right with the world

Half the price and two meals….take that personal size rip offs…

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Breakfast and the Pippens

I just about wet my pants, I was craving a breafast burrito so I went to Rose’s Donuts and who rolled up right after me, Scottie Pippen. I was trying to give someone eye contact, just a hey-ho….you’re in a small room with a legend. Not one chump seem to have the butterflies that I was feeling, then Finally a chubby older man walked in and his eyes bugged out, I gave him the eye contact and nod I was craving. Thank You. LEGEND. I came home all happy and my husband asked,”How did you know it was him?” It’s because he’s a LEGEND, Oy Vey…people…

He was with his family…and he made my day:)

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At the pool

The Y at night. I’ve been meaning to get Joe here, but things keep popping up, so tonight Nick and Joe got to swim until dark.

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Sky High

Been focused on getting chores, workbooks, and sleep back on track for the start of school….I have forgot to let the lil critters whoop-it up… today they bounced.

Nick never left the dodgeball game

Joe pooped himself out! boing-boing-boing!

Tony was just bouncing off the walls.

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freak out

Coming back from a vacation where people bring barking dogs, I was waaaaay looking forward to a good nights sleep. But my brain said…no-no-no. My brain said: What do the boys need for school? Did I lock my van door? I have to call the dentist, Tony lost a filling,…blah, blah, blah. Stupid brain.

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