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ice cube tray collector

Yesterday Nick declared he had a new hobby and it is collecting ice cube trays. His passion is strong and focused, his amazon list is full. He currently has robots, skull&cross bones, hearts, circles, dolphins, guns, and lego men. We have not had a warm drink in 24hrs. …..I’m not judging as I collect Uno cards, some would say equally lame. Collect on Nick.

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Y?, why not?

More swimming fun at the YMCA! The boys had a blast today. At the very end it got a wee busy(10 people) but for the most part they shared the pool with two other people.

life is good.

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wet dog

The Boys gave the dogs a bath yesterday. It’s been warm so I think they really enjoyed it. Beag gets a little nervous, but he lived to look aloof!

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monster mile

“He conquers who endures.” ~Persius
…it was pirate themed this year…we got down to the beach early so we could set up Hubba(crutches, leg elevated, chair) on the pier. Auntie made Tony a huge mustache for the costume parade. Then it was time for the run and swim. The first thing he said to me when I saw him was that he saw his 3rd grade Teacher and his wife while on the run portion. He was hungry and tired and happy he did it….

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The Belle

finished this while waiting for the boys to finish up camps today.It made me giggle, it took place in the south, and it made me want to read another one of her books.
Now off to Nick’s tutoring, Tony has practice, and today is the last day of yoga for Joe and Nick.

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Basketball Camp-day two

“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” ~Michael Jordan

Joe is on a team called the bears. He’s having a great time. He likes meeting new people and the camp is fun. Nick is at a Baseball camp his team name is the hillbillys and he loves the coaches, he just doesn’t like the sport. He looked and me and said, “No pictures mom”

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My tummy isn’t flat, but my tire is

“I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.” ~Ancient Persian Saying
Tony was leaving for Junior guards when he remembered he left his bike at a friend’s house. I went to drive him, got three blocks and realized I had a flat. Walked home, grabbed my hubba’s dogmobile(his truck is wrapped with his business logo). Got the tow truck and thus began my day….

Good things happen to good people….ouch

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Hubba and Tony came back from camp

….and all I got was a prescription to go fill!

the last night, coming back from the last campfire, a boy, walking on planks to avoid the mud, jumped as he was leaving the plank in front of Hubba, sending the back of the plank up, which Hubba tripped on in the dark of night, and rammed his knee into the next plank. A boat ride-to a car, to the emergency room then 5 hours….three digging rocks and dirt out, and then the stitches in the 30’s. A couple of hours later, and it was time to drive home. Poor Hubba.
-the emergency room doctor up in Clovis forgot to write the date on the prescription so we had to have Tony’s doctor paged on a Saturday night. Dude.

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Beach: Day Two

Nick and Jack had a sleepover last night and they woke up with one question: Can we go back to the beach? ….and the answer was a yes, with strings attached. Hubba and Tony come home today from a week away at a Boy Scout camp near the Sierra National Forest. So we must clean, clean, clean, before the beach, beach, beach. And we did.

No, Joe is not being rescued, he’s just oblivious to the lifeguard trying to get out to someone else!

They had as much fun today as yesterday, they even stayed a little longer today.

Jack’s Mom and I spotted many dolphins….but I wasn’t fast enough with my camera

much fun was had by all!

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Dresser reveal

I worked until very late at night on the dresser. I couldn’t find sandpaper in my hubba’s workshop so I ripped a piece off the circular sander. I sanded it, painted it, and painted it some more! I took some febreeze and wiped out the old lady talcum powder smell out of the drawers and wallah! A brand new place to put Hubba’s clothes, yippee!

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