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Nick and Joe both have had a nasty little cough for the past few days so Hubba made the executive decision to not allow they to run at the Jog-a-thon. I took them in the morning so they could participate in the olympics….Tony’s class represented Tahiti, Nick-Scotland, Joe-Mexico.

I stayed home with the sick-o’s and Hubba went and watched Tony run…


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another day…

busy with silly little errands….today, I had to take Tony to get his whooping-cough shot so he could enter 7th grade. He didn’t want to return until recess so we went to Circle K and got him a snack, we sat in the car until recess started and then I walked him up and signed him in. I got home and the secretary at the school called to ask if I could come back and take pictures of some first graders for a Father’s day gift…..I went back and got a glimpse of Tony at P.E., not happy, not unhappy…..just at school….doing school-stuff. I like him.

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Got the Sound to work on Nick’s Video

Very Fun School Project. It was an independent study and Nick had to answer three questions about a topic of his choosing!

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a day of play

Nick threw up yesterday so we are home-bound today. I had Joe water the front yard, and in true Joe form….he had a blast. He was pitching the hose like it was a baseball, lassoing the water as he swung the hose around, he tied the hose around his feet like it was a snake, he sprayed it above his head like it was raining, drank it,and spit it out. That was just what I caught when I went by the window….more action happened I’m sure. Trying to balance Joe and Tony’s day with like fun activities….homebound all day is icky!

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Nick and his buddy Sam both got an award this morning at Flag Deck. Nick’s teacher told us Wednesday that it would be happening on Friday. Nick was not told and was very suprised and proud.

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The Shark is on Campus

Joe’s Teacher is still on leave, spending time with his brand new baby so I told the sub, the minute Joe’s endangered report visual aid enters the classroom we are considering it graded. I am horrified it’s going to break into a million lil pieces! Joe was pretty proud. Hubba said Joe was very happy with his work when it was done!

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Basking shark report

I went to Bunco (won forty bucks). Hubba and Joe worked on the Basking Shark sculpture for two and a half hours last night while Nick, Tony, Michael, and Max had a water balloon fight in the ally. Hubba said Joe was so focused that he was happy to be helping him! At one point Joe said to Hubba, ” Dad, How did you get that lab in your brain?” in response to a popsicle stick placement idea!

he did take a 15 minute water ballon fight break, and then got right back to work!

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