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Aquarium of the Pacific

Went to the aquarium today to support a classmate of Tony’s who gave a presentation on sharks(Tony was in the desert). He had so much support from his classmates and the staff at the boys school that I got a little choked up….(graduation is going to be a nightmare)! Because of Parker’s presentation, Joe picked a Basking Shark for his 2nd grade endangered species report….knowledge is power!

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My favorite Royal Cardsman

The play is officially over. The after party is over…..I think he had fun….you be the judge!

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preparing for the play

Late last night we put together the pictures on the wall, hung um up this morning. The shows producer had 5 pictures blown up and they came out great! That’s the lady who volunteered to play the piano for the play amazing!  I’m beyond tired and feel like I living outside my own body….way to much going on…..a vacation would be delightful!

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open house

Went to the middle school open house and science night….scary… making out on the black top was what we saw upon entering the campus….ummmm, could you go to a park with your public display of affection? Already freaked out about it….didn’t need to see that!

As we were leaving Tony saw two girls from his school and I was thrilled at his reaction……I’m going to start playing a recording at night while they sleep, “girls have cooties” or maybe “don’t make out at school, it’s gross”

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Photos for 2nd

Joe’s Teacher asked me to come in and take pictures of the class for a Mothers day project. And this is what Joe gave me….

I swear I just wanted to pick him up…..and as my father would say, “squeeze the Sh*t right out of him”…..believe it or not that’s a good thing:)

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Printed and Proofed

The Yearbook is turned in for printing tomorrow. Today the Yearbook Advisor and I went to the school and printed 81 pages(two pages above) and proofed them, Then we sat down with the principal for approval. Took the better part of the day…then swimming, tutoring, take out pizza, homework, boy scouts, and bed!
Nick finally picked his independent study project…South African “flying sharks” it’s due next week….let the research begin!

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At the play again today taking pictures for the Producer.

Caught my boy on stage! always nice! The play is this week and you can feel the excitement and confusion….really high energy!

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Eggciting Hunt

We Eastered!

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Eggs were dyed

Eggs were dyed, Joes hands were dyed! This year it was just the 5 of us. We were too stressed out with all our business this week to make it a big thing!….the house was cleaned(I was kicked out for my crabbiness)….last minutes things were purchased…..the making of a holiday with little time!

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The Royal Cardsmen

Took pictures for the lady running the play today. Couldn’t resist getting the cardsmen with the queen of hearts!
The play is next week, hope they are ready!
After this, it’s football until 9:30 and then working on the yearbook!

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