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Oh, one of THOSE days

“Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.” -Voltaire

-Had some un-zen-like moments with cellophane wrap in the very early AM hours, decided to go to bed
-woke up, Hubba helped wrap the Gala Gift Basket
-put basket in car….dead battery….now tardy
-put basket uncle chris’s van
-hubba charges car, takes for spin… needs tow truck
-take pictures of two more teachers for gala
-come home download pictures, realize it’s my volunteer time
-go to school to volunteer….disaster drill, no volunteers allowed
-notice rain cloud overhead
-have lunch with hubba
-get back to downloading pix and going to CVS to print
-get a call from Nick, MOM YOU FORGOT OUR LUNCHES. i feel like a low-down dirty rotten creep-a-zoid
-pick up car from mechanics with new battery and brake pads
-pick kids up (early day) fed them
-go back to school to get pix of Secretary and Principal
-get a weird call asking if someone offended me…..wonder now when I saw said person last….and had I been sucking on a lemon at the time?
-almost forget to sign up kid for Junior guards….sign up and dream about what i could do with that much cash….serious buyers remorse
kept, going, and going….just a bunch of crappy lil things…..crazy

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a gift

Nick’s Teacher last year had a baby on St Patty’s Day. This year she shared with us that she was going to have a St. Patty’s Day 1st Birthday party for him this year so Hubba made her this:

She loved it! I thought his first birthday party guest could wish him well by signing this board.(the party is tomorrow)

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