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Gonna spend a lot of time at the boys’ school this week, The Librarian Asst. is out of town, lovin up her ill cousin, so I promised myself I’d help out. Our school library see’s a lot of action especially on Mondays. I also had to take pictures for the second graders for the feb door. And I thought I’d end the month with last month’s human calender door.

Joe was making sure he was alone before he gave me a smile!

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Woke up to this picture on my cell phone from Hubba! This is where he and Tony have been camping this weekend. Tony was still a lil’ ill so he didn’t have a great time but he thanked Hubba up and down for taking him. They were home pretty early on Sunday which was a big help….needed to grocery shop and run errands!

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Let go, my lego gift certificate

After the awesome basketball game, after Nick’s friend came to pick him up for his second playdate of the day….I suprised Joe with a lego gift card for the lego store. Hubba found it when he was getting stuff together to go camping(it was a gift from his bday two years ago, ouch!). Because it was just Joe and I, it was the perfect time to cash it in! We had so much fun. Joe picked out a police helicopter, two cars, and some magnetic nautical guys. He was so polite and he held me hand…took his time as we were strolling into downtown Disney, reading all the signs as we walked past them. It felt magical!

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Heart swelling with joy

If you thought it impossible to have your heart swell with joy at a 2nd graders Basketball game…then I have a surprise for you!
The ref asked if anyone hadn’t scored…and Joe hadn’t. The ref tried his hardest, he stole the ball and handed it to Joe and he shot,but just couldn’t get it in the basket. The last two minutes of the game the ref picked up Joe and he got the first and only slam dunk of the season! I had the goofiest smile in the world on my face as I watched Joe strut with pride…..

Happy lil dude!

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Showered with Friends

Nick and Joe play so well together…sometimes I forget how lucky I am. I asked the boys to water the front and backyard and this is what I got…..two very happy and very wet boys, and the only rule, “only water the grass boys, asphalt doesn’t grow” …..from the looks of it, they were once again trying to make asphant grow….rrrrrh Happy boys, wet and all, make for a nice weekend. When it was time to leave for Joe’s basketball game, Nick didn’t complain, didn’t make me or Joe feel bad…..that’s what made the Saturday surprise even better! Nick had been invited to his buddies’ Harrisons house and then he was also invited to Sky High(a trampoline bouncing place)with his friend Avi. He got to do both! He had a blast!

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Library & Camping

Tony and Tony left today for a camp out with boy scouts. Nick didn’t want anyone to come over after school so I told all his friends we had to go to the library after school, and then we went to the library! We actually closed down the Library, strange thing to do on a friday night…but we did it.

We got this book(above) and read the first four little chapters. Nick and Joe laughed their booties off. They went to bed with silly thoughts in their heads(my personal favorite way to go to bed).

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Today was a busy me day. Tony’s teacher sent him home saying, “He looks too droopy.” So he was home, I had a meeting with the yearbook person to help her download some images. I had a meeting with a store owner/ mom to work on computer stuff. Then I went to the school and took pictures of Walk Through the American Revolution of which none of my kids were in, for the yearbook. Some days time just flies!

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School Gala

Hubba designed this sign and put two up at the school for the Gala. He has been a busy bee helping the school and getting the talent show acts together for the boys. I hope the boys emulate his generosity when they grow up!

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snack break

Running and bouncing and card playing…..homework?……nah, fun to be had! Jack’s Mom brought over a heap of snacks and the boys were silent for a moment while the gobbling of food occured. They had to play outside because I didn’t want anyone catching whatever Tony has! I love hearing boys having a good time.

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Tony woke up with a super high fever. He slept all day, waking up for water. His first day missed of his 6th grade year….bummer. I thought it would be neat if he could have enjoyed every single day this year, he’s got a great Teacher and fun classmates…but it wasn’t to be! Lots of kiddos at school are sick….which means the other two will probably become ill soon as well. Double bummer!

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