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Cowboy Casino Night

Hank Williams Sr. filling the house with cowboy music, handkerchiefs worn around the neck, a plastic cup filled with pennies….it must be New Years Eve!

The cowboys and gals included: Tony, Nick, Robin, Jimmy, Uncle Chris, Auntie, Mom, Dad, and Nana. Joe has not developed a taste of lady luck, just yet any way! Happy New Year!

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Preparing for New Years Eve

Ooooooooooh, now that I have a Dutch oven I have to come up with a recipe for Cowboy Casino Night on New Years Eve. I have decided on a Food Network recipe for Chili. The menu will include BBQ beef brisket, Chili, Corn Bread, Watermelon, Potato salad, Chocolate Bundt cake, Appetizers are Cowboy Caviar, a relish tray, and spinach artichoke dip and garlic bread. ¬†Now it’s off to shop for it all!

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My first ever

Dutch Oven! Ta-da! Welcome to the family.

I’ve wanted one for about a year now and today was the day. I got 50 bucks from my MIL for Christmas and an extra $10 was floating around from an Aunt. Macy’s had them on sale 50% off. Two amazing things, I got something I really, really wanted, and I went into a highfalutin store like Macy’s to get it! 7 quarts of red beautifulness, all mine….I feel powerful, greedy, selfish, and a little giddy. Now it’s not a frenchy Le Creuset Dutch oven as I am not a $300 dutch oven cook……but I gots me one shiny red Dutch oven and that is that!

What shall I make first…’s look’n like chili! Yippee

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Prehistoric Pet Adventure

We took the Posse to feed the turtles at Prehistoric pets, on our way to Joe’s Basketball practice. Honestly, it makes my skin crawl….shivers down my spine….and what not. However, it is not for me, so I shall report on the creepy crawly outing because it happened. They boys looked at snakes and lizards, frogs, and all bugs that hiss and slither. Then they fed turtles/fish….Nick was more into the fish, Joe and Tony fed the turtles. I’d say Tony had the most patience¬†and got the best worm-to-turtle-fed ratio.

All and all I think they enjoyed this slimy lil pit stop….and I’m glad we could do it for them!!

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Ricola or a moose call….not sure

Took the boys to Huntington Central Park and they brought their horns from Christmas….man those things are loud, and boy, did the boys enjoy making that loud noise! We walked and talked and they honked….it was good.

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Ahhh…it’s over

Now it’s time to play the day away!

And the night away, too!

Uncle Jimmy came over and we did a little more karaoke(he sang Leroy Brown). This is my favorite day of the year….

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Merry Christmas

My favorite morning moment….the boys and horns, Uncle Jimmy asked… since my husband couldn’t help wrap, what he could do…..I asked him if he would wrap the horns to look like horns and Uncle Jimmy didn’t disappoint! He also stayed until 2am wrapping with me!

I asked the boys after all the presents were opened and they had time to really look in the mounds of goodness surrounding them, to pick their very favorite.

For Joe it was the NERF N-STRIKE STAMPEDE ECS and a airsoft gun that Hubba glues together so it can’t actually shoot

Nick said his Guiness Book of World Records and his DSi were equally his favorites.

Tony’s laptop was hands down his favorite.

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