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Happiest whoopie cushion ever

Now, Not only is Nick a Whoopie Cushion, but he has a remote control fart machine…..not just one fart machine, but two. I mean if you are going to go….go big or go home, right? Am I right? Joy beyond belief my friends, joy beyond belief!

He marched in the costume parade with his head held high. Another class chanted as he walked by “whoopie cushion, whoopie cushion“, it was a proud moment for that lil dude! A little fart humor can go a long way, my friend!

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Family Pumpkin Day

Willy Wonka was Joe’s Substitute Teacher today and just like Mr. Richards….Willy is a fun guy! The kids had a normal morning, then after recess they had Family Pumpkin Day. pumpkins were measured, weighed, and floated. They were treated like the stars of the show! Hubba and I made a great little photo location and took a picture with each kid and their special family member!

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Returned 6th Grader

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.” ~Anthony Brandt

I cried when he left, I cried when he returned…..I should have bought stock in Kleenex when I gave birth to Tony 12 yrs. ago……who new that having a baby made you a cry baby? He is showing Hubba the ball we mailed him. I was so excited it made it. I just wrote the address on the ball and it said, “Have a ball at science camp!” He had fun, and he was happy to be home! The camp counselor gave everyone a Nickname and Tony’s was Colonel because he likes war movies.

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