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Fab4 and the teriffic2

Playdate day (yeah I called it a playdate and not ‘hanging out’, I’m old school). Logan and Joe nerfed it up, while Sam D., Dane, Nick, and Jack, biked, bounced, and belly laughed until football practice.

Then Nick and Joe got boo’d by a dog….Leroy Brown to be exact! The boys were tickled, Joe played with the whistle, Nick snagged the erasers and they snapped the glowsticks for sleepy time!


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Camp Spy

The PTA President and the Principal went to the Science Camp to see if the kids were enjoying it Yesterday. This was the first year our school has tried this location. I handed the PTA President my camera and said, “snap away”! She did, and I got some great shots of many kids….but none of Tony. Turns out, Tony was one of ten kids(out of 100+) who completed the 12 mile hike with his teacher, the principal and some classmates. I’m proud of him for challenging himself, I’m hoping this speaks for his future drive in life. The others kids got to zip line, swim, enjoy archery and shoot bb guns while Tony was on the hike. They saw a rattlesnake and the camp counselor picked up a tarantula!

Proud, but missing him like crazy!

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