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Fall Festival and Friday

Last Thursday the t-shirts were tye-dyed, yesterday they were given artistic jack-o-lantern faces, and today, they were photographed. Man I love going to the boys school and seeing all the individual personalities! It’s hard not to be optimistic with so many energetic, enthusiastic, little minds….learning all around!

The above man in this picture is Tony’s Teacher. Thank the good Lord above I am not a hugger…..cause this man would-a had-a whole lotta me hugging him today! Today was the Halloween pageant and Party for the 6th graders. I was volunteering in the library and poking my head out the window to watch the happenings, when I noticed a young lady in Tony’s class sitting alone and looking withdrawn. I don’t know her but my heart sank…..seconds after I noticed Tony’s Teacher slid down to take a seat next to her and I got a little teary-eyed….It’s so easy to like/notice the “good” kids, the “easy” kids and ignore the kids that need more. It was nice to see someone care about them all.

Tony had a blast at the Halloween Pageant and he shared parts on his costume with other people and he chased, laughed, joked, smiled, and ate. It was nice to see from far away!

Fall Festival begins! Tony was a Smartie pants…. or was he a Smart Ass?…..either way he had a blast! He won tons of goodies at the cake walk and enjoyed walking around looking at all his costumed friends!

Nick, Jack, and Dane hung together all night long. They were game players, enjoying all the carnival games all night long…..I usually found they at the lollipop tree(as I did in this picture)

Joe found three buds from class and they formed the alliance of black hoods. They looped the bounce house all night long and had so much fun.

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