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a bathtub war

I’m not sure who won, and frankly I don’t give a hoot! When I walked into the bathroom and saw these guys, I smiled….this is the stuff I’m going to miss seeing when the boys are all grown up!

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A Walk

Joe and I took Tony to Volleyball this morning while Hubba and Nick were off to football. Joe was complaining about how tired he was… freaked me out. Instead of letting him rest I did the opposite, I thought maybe he is sitting on his duff too much and he needed to move his little body to start feeling good! So we came home and went on a walk around the neighborhood, with the dog and a camera. Joe took all the pictures! I think the walk put him in a better mind set and he wasn’t complaining any more of tiredness…..dude I think I got that mommy moment right, yes!

I dig Joe…it was nice to download the pictures and see the hood the way he see’s it!

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