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Hit a parked car

see the lil birdies flying around his helmet!

Now, I thought I had my fill of humiliation for the week. Was happy it was over….ahhhh, not yet. Nick, making circles around our block on his bike, hits a parked car. Good Lord child! It’s not like the car jumped out in front of you …IT WAS PARKED. It’s not like that was your first time around the block….you have been doing circles all afternoon. I wish I had the camera to capture the joy Nick had on his face while he’s sharing how the car(the parked car)knocked him right off his bike…..dude. So, with my invisible tail between my legs, I walk Nick back to the scene, knock on the neighbor’s door, assess damages(none), Nick says he’s sorry…and we move on with our evening….I’ve decided staying in bed all day tomorrow might be the safest thing!

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