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He did a bad, bad thing

I got a “515” call. “515” are the first three numbers to the school’s phone number….it could have been the nurse, the librarian, a teacher with a question….but it wasn’t, it was the head-hancho and before he spoke I said, “This can’t be good.” And he began……Joe and three other boys took an extra packet of graham crackers each today from the cafeteria lady. The thieves knew it was wrong and hid it. Joe didn’t get caught….the three others did, and shared that Joe did it, too. Hubba had to pick him up from school early. We talked to Joe and he had to write apology letters, ouch…stealing from the lunch lady….not cool!

The Principal was very nice about it. He shared that Joe was a stand up guy for his honesty when confronted about the truth, and that he showed sign of remorse…..515, man….he’s seven and I’m seeing 515 on my cell in the middle of the day, ZIKES

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