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A day with a hundred pockets

“When one has a great deal to put into it, a day has a hundred pockets.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche
Today had a hundred pockets. The boys got a lot done today. Joe went to his last day of tutoring and got some skittles for a hundred tokens(shared them with his brothers). spaghetti for dinner,Homework went smooth, baths/showers went smooth. It’s rare that at 7:57pm my heart isn’t racing from breaking up boy drama or having to remind in a loud tone about: teeth brushing, clearing the table, feeding the dog, kind words. I plan to remember today like a rich lady remembers diamonds…I shall cherish it!

Adobe brick making machine for a school project.

working on homework after some backyard fun

playing in the alley before homework

another school project, he’s having fun working on it.


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