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Sixth graders

Went in to the sixth grade class and took pictures for the teacher today. I tell you what, nothing makes you feel more like a wiener mom than the teacher saying something…and you realize the rhythm of his voice is no longer there and all the kids are looking at you out of the corner of their eyeballs….which means whatever he just said was most likely directed at the wiener mom (zikes!). I totally wasn’t listening…I hope this doesn’t mean I fail 6th grade parenting! awkward turtle, I’m a dork….I think I blushed. Well, here’s my composed 6th grader….at least one of us had our @#$% together!


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Hubba’s Home

Very late last night Hubba came home from a six day work trip and I couldn’t be happier. Our Hacienda just doesn’t work well without that Mucacho, I tell you what….this Senora is muy happi-to!

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Boys Adrift

Joe’s Teacher suggested I read Boy’s Adrift, talk about depressing. I’m glad I read it, boys are being pushed too hard and they are hating school. Very sad.

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Bento and Baking Monday

This is Nick’s Bento Box for today. The beginning of the third week of bento’s and I think the boys are getting the hang of them! Nick has cucumbers, grapes, almonds, a left over cookie from Sunday night dinner, a dinner roll with edible pen written on top, a tiny amount of thin string chips underneath, finally rolled turkey and cheddar cheese. He said the roll was gross and he didn’t eat all of the turkey or almonds(which is fine with me). I thought a different presentation might make some foods look better(and not as many processed foods either!)

I got today’s Baking Monday recipe from Picky Palate, the boys tried Flutternutter cookies
3 ingredients…eggs, peanut butter and whipped marshmallow stuff. I don’t think it took an hour an hour including baking time! The boys gave in a thumbs up(as their mouths were full when I asked)

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Doggone good surf conditions

Went to dog beach and watched a dog surf competition. Entertaining meter was high today. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

I had to pry the boys away from the adoption booth set up on the beach with cute little dogs waiting for a family. Those dogs were loved by many today.

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Getty load of this

Took the boys to the Getty, our first time. I was luke warmed impressed. I think the buildings are over architectured and under labeled(very confusing). Friendly staff, tram ride was fun. The boys loved the guided tours. The wood floors squeaked with certain shoes (Tony’s being one of them)and every man, boy, and toddler who discovered that They had the magical squeaky shoes, squeaked them like crazy! I forgot how many boobies are in 1600/1700 century Italian Art. Boobies or religion….not much else, I tell you what, the boys were e*d*u*c*a*t*e*d* today!

What’s this? On the way home we found some awesome architecture…in the shape of a donut…yeah baby! The boys have been dying to try this place! Off their bucket list…

“Remember in Iron Man 2 when Iron Man was eating a donut up there?” asked Tony as we pulled up. “Oh Yeah!” chimed in Nick and Joe….very excited(move over Wheaties)

****Update ****Last night I had a dream I was a germ in a toilet bowl….that’s the Getty! It even has a urinal looking fountain, and it haunts my dreams!

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information hangover

Most people get hangovers from consuming to many alcoholic beverages, Not I. I get information hangovers after back to school night. I look forward to the day It’s an online event where I can watch what’s happening in the convenance of my own home….at my leisure, even! I got so confused I ended up signing up to volunteer at the same time in all three classes!

I smiled and nodded, like the information was really sinking in…..but let’s be honest, by the time I was done uploading the first 5 minutes of the lecture in my head, the other 25 was over. It’s official I need a faster brain hard drive….two asprin and lots of water!

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