Getty load of this

September 18, 2010 at 10:10 pm Leave a comment

Took the boys to the Getty, our first time. I was luke warmed impressed. I think the buildings are over architectured and under labeled(very confusing). Friendly staff, tram ride was fun. The boys loved the guided tours. The wood floors squeaked with certain shoes (Tony’s being one of them)and every man, boy, and toddler who discovered that They had the magical squeaky shoes, squeaked them like crazy! I forgot how many boobies are in 1600/1700 century Italian Art. Boobies or religion….not much else, I tell you what, the boys were e*d*u*c*a*t*e*d* today!

What’s this? On the way home we found some awesome architecture…in the shape of a donut…yeah baby! The boys have been dying to try this place! Off their bucket list…

“Remember in Iron Man 2 when Iron Man was eating a donut up there?” asked Tony as we pulled up. “Oh Yeah!” chimed in Nick and Joe….very excited(move over Wheaties)

****Update ****Last night I had a dream I was a germ in a toilet bowl….that’s the Getty! It even has a urinal looking fountain, and it haunts my dreams!

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