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The Trades

Nick said, “So at lunch today I traded my strawberries for a milk.” ….”uhhhh Nick you don’t drink milk.” He continued, “I know, but then I traded the milk for pretzel goldfish.” I’m thinking maybe he will be one of those guys you read about in the paper that barters online from a toothpick to a vacation house. Inside voice, “that-a-boy, Nick trade on my brother.” Outside voice, “trading food is not allowed at school. As your mother I can not support or endorse any trading activity in any way.”

Tony’s Teacher has set up the class as a corporation. You start out in the mailroom and can work your way up to CEO with a little hard work. Tony is full on drinking the corporation kool-aid and I couldn’t be happier. He is currently an Assistant Manager and he’s hoping tomorrow he will be a Manager this was his dinner conversation. I’m very impressed with his Teacher!

From the stalker Mom files…I was waiting to pick up the boys from school, when low and behold, playing on the blacktop was my lil angel, Joe…..I couldn’t resist taking a snapshot of the lil dude….
Lots happened today….got my teeth cleaned, went to the library with Joe, Nick had a playdate, Tony hung out with Ashe, took pix for a teacher, cut some stuff out for a teacher, found a lost dog and returned it to it’s owner, stopped by a friends house and picked up homemade desserts for tonight…But the most important things, the things I want to remember about this very day are the above lil looks into the lives of the lil dudes. They ROCK!

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