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Thursday night homework

Of all the homework days I dislike, I dislike Thursday the very most. Yuck-i-toe, you dig-o? Joe is practicing for his spelling test on spelling city, Tony is working on his graphic organizer, while Nick is trying to do his Math telepathically!

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Tonight was a night of weaponry, and laughter…lots and lots of laughter as Mother got the brilliant idea to use the catapults that Hubba and the boys made to fling dog food all over the backyard(and because of the fine workmanship, some landed on the roof!

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Cooling Off

O what fun it is to have
friends over after school, yeah!
Joe went to luke’s-they played in a blow up pool, Nick had buddies at our house-I asked them to turn on the water in the front because the grass looked stressed, when I went outside I found this(I love finding this). Tony made some poor choices this weekend and he didn’t get his tuesday friend day, but he will Thursday!

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Cool’n off with Cousins

Some Bay Area relatives came a’call’n on the hottest day of the year! And we answered their calls with a marvelous day at the beach!

The kids threw a pumpkin ball into the water, we saw dolphins and a seal, we ate mexican food, we had a bonfire and smores. It was very nice to see people from my tribe. Very good people!

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Clear my mind thoughts

As I’m trying to drift off to sleep I usually think of what I would do if I won the lotto. Hundreds, thousands, millions of different scenarios for that event. Last night it wasn’t helping, so I thought to myself, let’s mix it up…if I was a scientist what would I want to get a grant to study? (Free money helps me sleep)….so, I am not a scientist…let’s remember that…..I thought of thee most amazing experiment. A mobile dolphin pool that the dolphins can move(drive) with a joystick. My study: Would dolphins in captivity be happier if they could explore? Now visualize….and laugh hysterically….wouldn’t that be soooo cool to see a dolphin car cruising sea world, watching the dog show. It didn’t help me sleep, but I had a great laugh. ahh easily amused!

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Number Thirty Eight

If only he had the “mad” basketball skills to go with his Laissez faire style of competition. uh Mr. thirty-eight you should be guarding the guy on the other team with a white sweat band….where is he? The first game of the fall season! And Joe’s first time playing basketball!

I will say he came to the game with enthusiasm, which he lost by the second quarter. I hope we can make it through the season!

He looked darn cute bouncing that ball

Go Hornets!

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The Battle of the Bay

In Northern Calif. the “battle of the bay” was S.F. Giants and the Oaklands A’s baseball. In these, here parts it’s two high schools and football is the game! We took the boys to their first ever High School Football game(a sold out H.S. rivalry). I think they were overwhelmed. The home team won, lots of cheering and smiles everywhere!

It sure brought me back to the fun times I had at high school football games: the smell of fall, looking at cute guys in the stands, watching the masses of people, cheering. Good times!

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