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Braces are coming

A friend asked if I would take pre-braces pictures of her kiddo and I said heck yeah, so yesterday I took this one and some others. Striking boys.

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Back to school restock gifts

The boys teachers each year usually get an anonymous┬ádonation before school starts(except last year, I was too excited for it to be anonymous). I try and look for deals on things I think they need all summer. Then I add a few gift cards in an envelope with the grade level on the outside of the card….this year the boys are in 2nd, 4th, and 6th grade.

The boys were excited to help deliver them to the front office at school….

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A little bit is better than Nada

In less than 100 hundred days, I turn 40. I’ve looked at everyone who would make a big deal about it square in the eye and said, “We will NOT be celebrating” Of the confused people about this topic, Uncle Jimmy is the most. I have went from a birthday month of which I expected to be celebrated like a queen…to the here and now. ┬áMy list of life accomplishments are small (to say the least) and I don’t feel like celebrating forty years of breathing air. That said, Uncle Jimmy decided to give me an early present not for my birthday(duh, we will not be celebrating). So it was a sunday gift less than 100 days before the ugly day and I love it! (I did however look at him square in the eye and say, “No more funny business”….then I thanked him).

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beag over loved

When you’re 9 and you see a depressed dog….What do you do? Well, you give it your creature comforts like a soft blanket, stuffed animals, and a DS. Nick and Jack were being sweet…I think that dog is a wee overloved!

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Do you have any toliet paper?

We were TP’ed last night by three giggily girls. Tony was still awake and caught them. He opened the door and one of the girls asked, “Do you have any toliet paper?”! They wanted more to do a better job, and like a gentleman, Tony went and got some luckily we were sitting in the livingroom watching TV and stopped our son from handing over the toliet paper to the lovely ladies……just a little life lesson, please don’t hand over toliet paper or your heart to the lovely ladies just because they ask…..they will throw it in the trees and giggle while they do it!

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Welcome to the family

Nick got a new dog today and he is thrilled. Meet Beag(as in Beagle). Nick has been looking for the perfect beagle since April. Beag was abused and ended up at an animal shelter. Because he was so scared he was deemed unadoptable and sentence to be “put to sleep”….he was rescued by a lady who posted Beag on the internet, Hubba found him, that’s beag’s journey into our lives!

Welcome to your home Beag….

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Top 5 of Campland

Today we returned the RV and I thought I’d share my campland faves!
5. Grocery Shopping (weird, I know) The first day I go shopping alone, kinda gives me time to adjust my attitude to the camping lifestyle, nice and slow-like!
4. The campfire, so peaceful and pretty
3. The Polynesian Dancers on the campland stage

2. Holding my Hubba’s hand sitting on the beach
1. Watching the boys play together and enjoy each others company

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Packing up

Three sleepy boys inside the RV watching a video while Hubba packs up the RV. It’s time to go home and see Boomer and sleep in our own beds. No more Campfires, Arcades, Fireworks every nights. No more swimming in the bay all day long….it’s time to go home and look forward to a new school year…..the very last year all three boys will be at the same school, ever!

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Last full day

On our last full day of vacation the boys enjoyed the water, rode bikes, ate candy at the market, and played video games.

Friends came down and a lot of fun was had….Nerf battles, bike rides, and swimming in the bay.

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Sea World

Uncle Jimmy came with our family to Sea World!

We saw shows and while everyone went to see the shark encounter I went to my happy Sea World Place, the aquarium to the left of the Shark encounters entrance….it’s so peaceful, I love it! At the dolphin show we sat in the front row splash zone, I smiled at this cute lil dolphin and he soaked me to the bone with a huge splash! Joe got a little wet…..the others dry as could be, I was soaked all the way down to my underwear!

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