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Family Movie Time

We had a great time watching Despicable Me this afternoon! There was a Dad in front of us that laughed so hard at the funny parts, we were all giggly the whole movie. Another Mom had said she didn’t like the message of giving kids who need families to crazy people…..I really didn’t see that as a message, more exaggerated humor. The boys loved it and Hubba and I were entertained. It was a great way to end the day, Hubba has been working on a house project all day and I was researching new plant possibilites for the backyard….then I went to home depot(who didn’t have one thing I wanted)!

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One Dollar Games Friday at the Fair

The boys favorite fair activity are the games, hands down. They didn’t go on one ride this year, just games. And I think this was the first year without tears for not winning the mega stuffed toys! Yippee. Before we got to the games section we came across a blue grass band….my body naturally turned towards the happy noises…..the boys were super good, no wiggling or begging to go(until the very end joe got bored) I LOVED it and it was my favorite part of the fair this very visit!

Next came the games. games, games, we played and they enjoyed I won once, tony won twice. I gave bart simpson to Nick, Tony gave a gecko to joe and kept a blue dog. All was right with the world.

They ate tons of fair food. On Fridays from 1-4 they offer sample size for a dollar…..they had a cinnamon roll, shaved ice, funnel cake, chicken and waffle fries, a hot dog, and some candy. Fair food confuses my nose(too many smells) Hubba and I had some corn and we shared a chicken kabob. We stayed a very long time…Tony wanted to see the hypnotist his buddy had told him about…..he laughed so hard. It was worth the two-hour wait past my normal fair time limit! Good times.

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A day for them

This time of year I staring getting annoyed that our summer rotates around Tony’s events, so I decided to take Joe and Nick to Chuck E. Cheese while Tony was at the Monster Mile. It didn’t work out quite like that as my car needed to be worked on which pushed into my hair appointment(which we had to walk to because my car was in the shop) and then we went to Chuck E. Cheese. We didn’t eat there, just played a few games. It was fun.

Nick always impresses me with how much heart he has…he saw that he had about double the tickets as his brother so he started winning some for Joe and putting them into his pile on the table. I love that…no gloating, no judgement, and in the true spirit of giving, he never even told Joe he did it!

Joe is a skee ball fan. It’s fun to observe him from a far and watch his concentration.

I just smiled when Joe finished putting all his tickets in the machine and excitedly told me the final number…..when He walked away to go pick out his prizes I gave Nick the biggest hug ever!

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Monster Mile

“Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.” ~Alfred Adler
In an unusually cold ocean the 1200 and some odd junior lifeguards engaged in an event called the monster mile. The theme this year was aliens.

They march around by level and show off there costumes

then begins the run….lots of concerned faces…knowing the swim is coming

From the pier hubba had an amazing few

And then he spotted Tony

because of the unusually cold temperatures people were helping guards who were shaking so bad they couldn’t take off their own fins, thanks to the man helping my son

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62th Street Beach

After Nick’s tutoring he asked his Dad if we could go to the beach and the answer was….see below!

Man they love the beach! We didn’t stay long but they still had a good time.

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New Board

Joe got a big boy boogie board, purchased by he father and picked out by himself! He was thrilled, I dont’ think thrilled is a big enough word…bursting with joy.

He and nick were at it the whole time we were at the beach, laughing, playing and enjoying every minute of it.

Tony was doing laps on the rocks, seeing if he could find a faster way to the end and back…Hubba went out and chit-chatted with him for awhile….

It was breezy, and tourist were taking sea stars off the rocks and making me crazy(crazier)…..other than that a good day at 32nd st beach!

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Failure of expectations

A rough day. I had expectations….zikes. I grew up on a farm with no other children near. My Mom was my only ticket to seeing the world. Sometimes she would say, “this afternoon we are going to____________.” I’d visualise the fun I’d have, it would be the imaginary game I’d play the whole day, then she say..”I don’t feel like it now.” And I would be crushed. At some point I stopped expecting….dreaming and kinda went numb to it. Today I had an expectation, and my son said, “I don’t feel like it now.” ouch. It was hard to deal with that feeling again.Being the happy chubby lady I ho-ho-ho’ed and hee-hee-hee’d then I went back to my car and sobbed. I had a rock in my stomach the rest of the day, couldn’t eat, couldn’t feel…..failed expectations is a powerful feeling for me and I usually expect nothing from anyone so I don’t have to feel this yuck.

So what was so earth shattering that brought up all this yuck, nothing important….just the junior guards pier jump. You see parents aren’t invited so if you’re in the “IN” crowd you get texted with this info by other “in” parents. You shower, leisurely do your hair, and cruise up knowing that it is happening. If you’re in the “out” crowd you’re on your own. So today I took Tony to junior guards, came home, made the boys breakfast, charged my camera battery, checked on hubba(who has the flu), checked the surf report, decided that the condition were good enough that they might do the pier jump, went down to the pier, sat in my car and waited. Sure enough life guards starting telling fishermen to beat it(nicely) and orange cones appeared on the pier. I made it! Whooo-Hoooo! I felt like a winner. I’m not in the “IN” crowd but I did it, I was glowing!

In the above picture Tony is in the line waiting to jump, and then he didn’t. And the reason, “he didn’t feel like it.” I smiled, he went on with his day. I felt like a winner for an hour, and then I had a huge wave of failure of expectations. I will never try this again, I have to protect myself…so I will never try to work so hard to do this again. I can’t. Every time I hear someone talk about it or think about it the rock in my stomach will come back the emotion will come back. Last time I felt like this was my 10th wedding anniversary….thought we were taking a trip, we did…to the movie theater! I will never travel on my anniversary because it will only remind me of the failure of expectations I had. ┬áIt’s a hard rock in the middle of your tummy that makes you feel nothing, numb….yuk!

On a happy note the above picture is of Anthony, Nick was in class with him in 1st grade and he is visually impaired. It was amazing to watch him jump, goosebumps amazing. All the parents cheered so loud for him. He is an inspiration.

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A Fairly Great Day

Sunday Night Dinner at the OC Fair because we HAD to see the RV Demolition Derby….Yeah Baby!

It was cool. Rv stuff was everwhere!

Then we went and looked at the boys fair entries.

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Totally Beach’n

This is called Mini-timber man…Joe and Nick wait for a wave to come and then yell “timber” and falls.

They had so much fun

Tony buried his face in a hole…nice…

All in all we had a great day.

Can’t wait for another beach day.

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Okie-Dokie Artichokie and Shut the Box

Well I learned something from growing an artichoke, it’s beautiful when it blooms. ┬áNature has amazed yet again! And to think I was going to make dumb old dip out of these beauties. I’m glad I didn’t pick them, they make me happy every time I look out to the backyard!They have been blooming awhile now, I thought I’d better capture the moment with a photo…..

After eating dinner outside we decided to break out a game I got as a Christmas gift, shut the box! It’s a pretty fun game…as always, when the planets and moon are lined up ever so perfectly, and we have a nice family bonding moment, I realize maybe it’s not the game that I am enjoying in the moment but, the feeling…togetherness, it feels goooooood!

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