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Swim and Pop

Auntie invited us to the pool and we had a blast. We played monkey in the middle and Joe got a rap name Chlorine, he was rapping in the pool. Something about Russia, then some noises…we all laughed!

I made yogurt popsicles, a recipe I found on simple recipes, it was so yummy!

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Seasons first tomatoes

While I was preparing dinner Nick walked in the back door with some garden loot. I grabbed the camera to document the situation and Nick made my laugh!

If you look closely in the background you can see artichokes popping up!

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Let the summer reading program begin

“The richest person in the world – in fact all the riches in the world – couldn’t provide you with anything like the endless, incredible loot available at your local library.” -Malcolm Forbes

The boys were excited to start the summer reading program. Tony came home and began reading right away. I took turns with Nick and Joe reading for 20 minutes while we were there. I hope at least on of them has a fond memory of the library as I do. I think they are the most amazing places…they focus and calm me.

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High Spirits in the June Gloom

Tony called from Guards today thrilled to announce his picture was in the paper. I think he’s going to have a great year….he has only had female instructors up to this point and this year he has a male (which he really wanted), and he knows a couple people in his group(which always helps)! I’m really happy for him.

Took Nick and Joe to see a free movie this morning. We saw The Spy Next Door. It was funny and free, fabulous!

We did Mom’s soccer camp before the movie, after we read on my bed, and then this….

They played together, on their own….my happinest moments are when I catch goodness happening…imagination, cooperation,inspiration!

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Guards and Camp Mom

I went down today to photo the ferry crossing. First day of guards and Tony’s riding down to the beach with about five guys. The way they are going involves a ferry ride, which I think is the coolest thing ever.

I decide to run my own little soccer camp. I made them zig-zag across the field with their ball, then big kicks to the goal, walk around the track….Joe was not amused, but Nick was! You can’t please everybody. I’m just trying to keep them active.

mission accomplished, I pooped ‘um out!

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A berry good day

Took the boys blueberry picking today. Sure did. A scrapbooking pal mentioned it on her blog-o-roo and I thought, “Dandy idea” then did it.

So many blueberries, so little the buckets

they were very big and juicy

Is that bucket half full or half empty, …ask Joe and he said half full, it was an optimistic kinda berry picking!

Nick striking a pose, I think we have two blueberry butts as Nick and Joe sat down to get the low berries….

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dice w/dog

Nick was at a Greek festival with his buddy Jack.
Tony was at Ashe’s Grandparents spray painting nerf guns.
Joe was brotherless for the afternoon and he looked to the dog for entertainment. He developed a dice game where by he added together two rolls for each player(he then the dog) and the winner was the dog, or boy with the highest number. Boomer seemed to enjoy the game…

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