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Memorial Day

“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” ~Benjamin Disraeli
We put out the Flag this Memorial Day Morn and Talked about remember people who fought for our countries freedom, we talked about remembering all who have pasted and then we went and lived.
On our way to the park Joe said, “Mom is it a big park?” No. “Mom, is it a small park?” No. And at last Joe said, “Mom, is it a medium-sized park?” I said, “yep” and Joe did a fist pump and a , “Yes, middle-sized parks are my favorite.” I love that crazy kid!

I took the boys to a park with a lot of paths for them to get some scooter riding in.

We stopped at the store and got stack lunches for all to enjoy!

Nick practiced butt’s up on an outdoor racket ball court, I didn’t know what butt’s up was so I looked up the rules online….interesting!
Butts Up is played with a ball (such as a tennis ball) on a paved surface against a wall. The object of the game is to be the last player remaining in the game after all other players are out. Rules: 1) The first player starts the game by throwing the tennis ball against the wall with having the ball hit the wall without hitting the ground first. 2) After the ball makes contact with the wall and bounces off the ground at least once, any of the players may then try to catch the ball. If catcher manhandles the ball and the ball touches the ground, the catcher must try to touch the wall before another player fields and throws the ball against the wall. If the ball touches the wall before the catcher, the catcher is out and must face various consequences. 3) If the ball is caught before hitting the pavement, the thrower is penalized with one “out”. After three outs a player leaves the game. 4) If the thrower’s ball bounces before hitting the wall, the thrower must run to the wall and touch the wall before an opponent can pick up the ball and throw it to the wall. 5) If the original thrower doesn’t make contact with the wall before the ball reaches the wall, the original thrower is out. 6) If the thrower reaches for the ball, but has it bounce off his fingers and onto the pavement, this counts as missing the throw, and he must run to the wall.

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A Shrek Sorta Day

We took the boys to see Shrek in 3-D. They had a great time. It was so nice to be a family….man, we missed Hubba like crazy.

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Hubba’s back in town

“There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.  It is God’s finger on man’s shoulder.”  ~Charles Morgan

On his Birthday no less! He wasn’t due to come back and he did! I cried with joy. This parenting thing isn’t a one person operation. And in our family, he’s the brains….so this parenting thing looks like a horse drawn carriage with square wheels(wonkie to say the least). But he’s back from a conference in Colorado, a ten day conference… high in the rocky mountains, far from his family. We missed him like crazy.

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Couldn’t be prouder

Non-Fiction book report, Done!

He got laughs, he wore a toilet seat, all is well in 5th graderland!

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Long-term Sub

Mrs. Waggoner is an amazing person. Nick was very lucky to have an awesome Teacher and and awesome long-term sub/Teacher, too. And they were both pregnant with their first, and both so happy, kind, loving. We have had a great year. Mrs. Waggoner will be back for two Fridays and then she’s gone. Mrs. B comes back Tuesday. It’s a crazy, exciting time to be a third grader!

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A late night with Elmer

For the art fair the first graders are making an Elmer the Elephant out of little squares of construction paper. And I stayed up until 1am cutting lil squares for the project. I bagged yellow, pink, orange, blue, purple, white, red, black, and green 3/4 inch squares into individual bags for each child. I enjoyed doing it, until around midnight, and then I started getting sleepy….but there is always a reward, I get to help them with the art project tomorrow!

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Non Fiction

From the boy who brought you the shower Monster mile costume, click on Tony’s Toilets for a Non-fiction book report like no other:
Dad helped Tony power point his report pretty-like! It’s Friday so we will see how it goes!

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I was hungry for artichoke dip…

Today I saw this…

The problem was…. I wasn’t at a food location, but a Garden Center, so I decided to plant artichokes. That was February, …this is the longest I’ve ever waited for a dip in my whole life. Nature is a sucky waitress, I hope it’s awesome because I’m still hankering for it! I knew nothing of artichoke plants, (dude, ummm huge). My tomato plant is annoyed, my beans are dead, and my chili peppers refuse to speak to me. All for some freak’n dip……I got problems!

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Happy 75th Dad

Hey Pop,
Happy 75th!

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Joe’s working on his sea life diorama. He also had to write about his feelings on being an American. My hubba said it sounded a lot like a political speech(oh dear, please not a politician in our future). Tony had play practice, Nick had a Cub Scout Pack meeting. A lady in the ‘hood is designing and selling hats for summer, so I went and bought one for Auntie for her Birthday in August. Read with boys. My nieghbor Sherry saved the day, by helping a girl out with taking Nick to Cub Scouts, and buying me dinner, plus I’ve been wearing sunglasses as a headband do to the missing 7 headbands I own…Sherry helping a girl with very bad root growth out, got me some headbands! She gets the “helping a girl out” award for the month!

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