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Tooth Hurtie

When is the best time to see the dentist? Two..thirty. Or in my case it’s when you wake up with Night sweats and pain(I mean PAIN). My dentist is out of his office on Fridays so I got happy pills that shall get me happily throught the weekend!

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“They better like them…”

Cookies are made of butter and love. ~Norwegian Proverb

Joe’s class had an extra credit assignment. Because they are learning about measurements…they could measure ingredients for baking and bring in the results, in the form of cookies. Now this was an assignment Joe could finally get behind. So we created Joe’s favorite combination: Chocolate cookie with chocolate chips…and after all his other homework, we baked. It’s now past his bedtime and he says to me, “They (the kids in his class) better like them(cookies) because I think I’m going to be cranky tomorrow because I’m staying up past me bedtime.” He went to bed after the mixing was done, and I baked until 10:30pm. I love that crazy Lil first grader with my whole heart.

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Play Practice, Football Practice, & Just Play

“Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.” ~Anna Freud

Joe got to have unstructured play today. It’s a beautiful thing. He was very proud of this ship and these men on it, so proud, that while I was scrubbing potatoes for baking, he asked me to come take a photograph when I was done. He wants to capture these men in this ship. He wants to help his mind remember this very day. I dig that.

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“Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it.” ~Albert Smith
So I shall now aire another eposde of, “As my Stomach Turns“, today was a make up day for an Earth Day recycle program(It had been cancelled due to rain). The oldest Cub Scouts(Tony’s Group) and some Girl Scouts collected recyclable material this moning before school and they handed out stickers for a popcicle after school. Nick was thrilled that he got to take a bag in to give to Tony(I mean ear to ear smile). While lining up after he dropped off the bag to Tony an older kid walked up and took Nick’s sticker. Nick sobbed, and sobbed, and sobbed. The secretary had him look at the 6th graders pictures to “ID” the perp. And at 9am, I walk into the office and very gently the Office ladies share the above story with me. My brain goes first to YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME, then I decide to go get streamers and the biggest popcicle I can find for Nick after school. I’m not going to fight for him, but I sure as hell will make sure he gets what he deserves!

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Flag Football

“We can’t win at home and we can’t win on the road. My problem as general manager is I can’t think of another place to play.” ~Pat Williams

At one point the Coach looked at Nick, frustrated with the team, and said, “Nick, I gotta put you back in, you’re the only one who knows what he’s doing!”. I don’t think in all the years of sports has any coach looked at one of the boys and said such words. Nick was proud as punch and tried really hard. The other team played a better game.

Nick is having so much fun!

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End of the Birthday Fun

Sunday night dinner and a few more gifts. Joe got to pick dinner(bean burritos). Joe soaked up the attention like a 7yr old sponge!

The watches were a huge hit, he had been waiting for a watch for some time. It was very exciting to watch his eyes light up! He was gracious with every gift he ripped open!

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Sports and the Arts

Baseball for Joe, Football for Nick. We had a sporty day!

Joe and his Buddy Luke were playing baseball on the fields next to each other. They stopped to have their after game snack together!

In the afternoon we got a suprise guest, A friend from Nick’s class stopped by. Nick had just started painting so she joined him!

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A day in the Life-day five

“It’s always been and always will be the same in the world: The horse does the work and the coachman is tipped.” ~Author Unknown
7:00 up
7:15 get al homework put in backpacks all costumes, squirt bottles, camera, put in bags
7:50 in the car and late
8:00-8:20 School Assembly(flag deck)
8:30-9:15 help get third graders in togas

9:15-9:45 read with Joe fill up water bottles

9:45-10:20 Jog-a-thon
10:20 have a Dad yell at me for missing 8 of his daughters laps
10:30 Bring Nick home
11:00 bring Nick back to school
11:15 go to Tony’s class fill water bottles and wait for instructions
11:30 Tally Tony’s class
12:00 Tony asked for a subway sandwich for running so well
12:35 get subway, deliver it to school
1:00 eat lunch
1:30 run up to the school and give scrapbook scraps to Nick’s class for a project.
1:45 come home and relax
2:30 get in car and go pick up the kids, Tony goes to a friends house
2:40-3:20 Let the kids play with friends on the school playground
3:30 try to download pictures (hard drive is full)
3:30-4:00 Try to trash pictures on HD
4:00-5:00 Talk to family
5:00 leave for scrapbooking(need to make doors for Teacher appreciation
11:30 come home from scrapbooking
11:45-300am listen to hubba Rainbow snore(many different sounds on snoring, no regular rhythm)
3:00-4:00 go to couch and fall asleep

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A Day in the life-day four

“What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.” ~Saint Augustine
7:00 up and at um
7:45 take kids to school then turn heater up full blast and sit with the car running cozy-like for 15 minutes
8:00 Breakfast

8:15 add a load to washer
8:30 get ready
8:45 go to school to volunteer
9:00-10:15 Tony’s class (correct essays)
10:30-11:15 go to Michael’s craft store and get felt and a get well gift
11:15-11:45 grocery shop
11:45-12:15 eat lunch/order dinner for a friend who had a baby
12:00-12:30 take get well gift to Nick’s class to have everyone sign for Will
12:30-2:00 sew a French flag on a banner for Tony’s class

2:15-2:30 Meet with Gina to get white sheet for Nick’s toga costume tomorrow
2:30 walk in my house and grab a diet coke
2:35 go pick up the boys from school
2:45 Nick and Joe play with Dane for a few minutes
2:55 Tony comes out to tell me he has play practice(and to bring him a snack)
3:00 Drop off Joe with Dad for a baseball game
3:10 Get Tony a snack at the grocery store (cut up watermelon, animal crackers, a banana, and water)
3:30 Take Nick to Tutoring
4:45 See Mr. Richards in front of his house, stop and say Hi to his New dog Leroy Brown
5:00 Pick up Mexican food for Mom w/new baby
5:20 Deliver food
5:30 Pick up Tony from school
6:00 Dinner
6:10 Dad and Joe come home from baseball
6:30 Go buy Tony shorts and a t-shirt for the olympics tomorrow
6:45 Go to Michael’s and get a belt and leaves for Nick’s Costume
7:00 Help boys clean living room
7:15 watched a tivo’d America’s Best Dance Crew with the boys on no TV week
7:30 Finish homework with Joe that Dad started earlier
8:00 Boys in bed
8:15 Call my Brother Rick

8:30-9:15 Watch Chuck with Hubba Bubba
9:15 -9:45 watch some sitcom while eyes get droopy
9:45 Blog and then, go to bed

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A week in the life-day three

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic.” ~Author Unknown
The weather kept me up most of the night…not the sound of the wind(it was loud) but the possibility of rain for Joe and Luke’s joint b-day party today. It’s an outside laser tag party. I went to bed with the forecast saying 50% chance of rain. Enter worry…worry…worry stress, stress, stress…no sleep, sleep, sleep. And then morning came.
7:00 Joe jumps on the bed and announces it his birthday party day!
7:15 Nick lets Boomer outside and then jumps in bed.
7:20 Dad says “dealers choice for breakfast, make whatever you want”
7:22 I beg my husband to take the boys to school. He does.
7:30 I’m yelling from the most comfortable bed on earth “Don’t forget your:
AR book,purple folder, and yellow folder Joe, Nick remember your AR book by
your bed and you need Dad to sign your homewrok sheet, Tony your AR book is
by your bed, and you have play practice today.”
9:00 get out of bed, turn on The Weather Channel and eat cereal.
9:10 call Missy(the other birthday boys mom) and pow-wow about the party.
9:30 get ready to make this day happen
10:00 go to Target and Luke’s gift
11:00 call Missy the weater report looks much better we are having it at the park!
11:30 pick up birthday cake

12:15 Have lunch
12:45 Go to school and pick up Joe and Nick for the party!
1:00 drop them off with Dadd-o
1:15 pick-up Nick’s friend after school
1:30 Pick up balloons(4 dozen barely fit in the car)

1:50 I’m partying at the park with 15 first graders and a few big boys

2:00-4:00 Party

4:35 Nick/Dad go to football practice. Tony goes to friends house…I go home ahhhh
5:00 make other Mom a disk of pictures and take it to her
5:30 come home and veg out
6:00 open Joe’s birthday presents
6:30 Dinner
7:00 Off to Scrapbook

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