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Yesterday sucked, today sucked more, tomorrow WILL be better

Let’s recap Yesterday Joe had a bad day at school outcasted by people he thoughts were his friends for reasons that didn’t make sense to him. I was given misinformation to put on a flyer for Boy Scout and I had to fix it and have it printed shortly before it was needed at the meeting. Tony threw up. The weather is looking dreary for Nick’s all boy B-day party. Today I sent notes out letting people know the party tomorrow has to be cancelled. I called the grocery store to cancel the cake and the same special needs bagger put the phone down and walked away….5 different tries in a two-hour period. The little boys who hurt Joe’s feelings have a parent who will not admit her children could say hurtful things(even when there were witnesses and the teachers finally got them to confess). I started my period and feel like a gazelle who is very far from her pact and in danger of being eaten alive. Most people in our hood are going away for Easter so the date we picked to reschedule Nick’s party means less people will attend. I cried twice today at the boys school. …in the end three mommy gazelles came to my rescue and brought me back to the pack, they told me I was safe. I however am still feeling like a frightened animal… least I’ve been Herd.


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