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signing up for guards

The Junior guards programs is huge in beach cities. Residents get first priority for the available spots (1200 openings). The sign ups open at 3pm. I got there after I volunteered in Tony’s class at about 10:30 and I was Approx. the 288 person in line or so. I sat next to the two chattiest men in history. At one point I think I said to the men “you are about to use all your words for the whole day, save some for your wife tonight, she would like that.” they didn’t stop. 51/2 hours and a sunburn later I was in the front of the line. The people in charge are very positive and pleasant so that part went well….. the things we do for our kids!

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Rick’s Pigs

On our visit to the central valley we had the opportunity to briefly go see some babies. Cute little one week old baby piglets. Hubba’s cousins’ son is in FFA and his pig gave birth to four little cuties!

And the boys got to hold them, Joe decided to opt out when he heard Tony’s piglet, squealing like a pig! I love how Tony’s piglet looks like he’s smiling and waving when really, he is not pleased at all!

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