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“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~William James

Tony helped plant a few flowers for our neighbor. Tony respects her greatly as she was a nurse in World War II.

Joe took the Easter lilies El was taking out of her flower bed and planted them around our yard!

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Yesterday sucked, today sucked more, tomorrow WILL be better

Let’s recap Yesterday Joe had a bad day at school outcasted by people he thoughts were his friends for reasons that didn’t make sense to him. I was given misinformation to put on a flyer for Boy Scout and I had to fix it and have it printed shortly before it was needed at the meeting. Tony threw up. The weather is looking dreary for Nick’s all boy B-day party. Today I sent notes out letting people know the party tomorrow has to be cancelled. I called the grocery store to cancel the cake and the same special needs bagger put the phone down and walked away….5 different tries in a two-hour period. The little boys who hurt Joe’s feelings have a parent who will not admit her children could say hurtful things(even when there were witnesses and the teachers finally got them to confess). I started my period and feel like a gazelle who is very far from her pact and in danger of being eaten alive. Most people in our hood are going away for Easter so the date we picked to reschedule Nick’s party means less people will attend. I cried twice today at the boys school. …in the end three mommy gazelles came to my rescue and brought me back to the pack, they told me I was safe. I however am still feeling like a frightened animal… least I’ve been Herd.

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Social blip

Joe had some hurtful words thrown at him today. I have had some tears, Joe’s had some tears….

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March Beach’n

“When your life flashes before your eyes, make sure you’ve got plenty to watch. ” unknown
Too many pretty days in a row makes our familia crave a beach day. Laundry still needs to be done, the boy’s room needs a serious cleaning, the kitchen cupboards need organization, on, and on… It can all wait. Today couldn’t wait. I belly laughed a lot. I was proud, I was amused, and of course I was annoyed and angry at some points, but today the good way outweighed the bad!
Nick as always was the first in and the last out.

We saw dolphins

Nick schooled Joe in the art of boogie boarding, Joe had a blast! From our seats we could hear Joe say, “Man, this is awesome!”

Nick could not be more proud of his little bro, watched after him, and schooled him the whole time. My heart swelled with pride!

Tony was moving around the sand with a very long stick, I’m still not sure what he was doing, I looked over at hubba and said, “It’s like interpretive dancing, I don’t get it, but it’s interesting.”

Joe was singing, “There’s a place in France where the naked ladies dance” so loud the foreigner looking beach goers were starting at him. Joe and Nick found a circular piece of metal and they wanted to take it to a museum…..In the middle of a stick playing game Tony said you could throw sticks, so Joe chuck’s a stick at Tony’s throat….Tony chases Joe down…It reallly does go on and on and on….. I love them all!

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An Archaeologist, Artist, Musician, and some actors.

My house was full of craziness today
Joe the archaeologist seems the most sane trying to find rocks in his little kit he got for Christmas.

Tony was working on a little easter project per a request from the goddess of the house, Moi.

Now Nick, Nick is reinventing the musical experience. People are bored with marching bands….Nick is kicking it up a notch to a Trampoline band (I’m seeing a reality competition”battle of the trampoline bands). He’s got MAD recorder skills while slowly bouncing up and down(ever heard of Mary had a little lamb?).

And last, but not least, Hubba went to the School Fundraiser, The Gala with his “Disco Still Sucks” shirt on…nice. Tony, not to be out shined, dressed up to go to his Nick’s Kids Choice Awards party wearing his version of disco garb. He wore a name tag that said, “the gala doesn’t know what it’s missing”.

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You can pick your friends

You can pick your friends
and you can pick your nose
but you can’t pick your friends nose!
Joe’s class play, the lion and the mouse….He was a lion and his roar made me happy inside!

The Kids and I did the background….. it makes me happy. I cried when the first group of four went up, they are so perfect everyone of them up there. Joe looked at me with so much love in his eyes while he was waiting for his turn, we started making crazy eyes, and smiling at each other. A bond.

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“You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person.” ~Alec Waugh

Aunt Robin just got back from Chicago(loved it) and we started talking about all the places she’s been
Washington D.C., New Orleans Louisiana, Oklahoma, Florida, Oregon, Viginia, Tennessee, New York, Chicago Illinois, Idaho, Hawaii, New Zealand, France, England, Spain, Italy.
The world seems so small when people talk about traveling….not trying to get deep…it feels like I’ve been there just by listening to her words! I like that.

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Gala is a-coming

I helped the Room Mom in Tony’s class put together our charity basket for the school fundraiser. I’m gonna toot my own horn here and say, “Magnifico”( I feel so Italian when I create a masterpiece)!

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Baking Monday and a Rainbow

Nick was so happy to bring home the rainbow Jello project his class has been working on….liquids/solids and St patrick day inspired(love it)!

He came out of class and said, “hurry Mom, we have to get home and take a picture of it for the blog before I can eat it”(that’s my boy!)

Baking Monday was a peanut butter cookie sooooo yummy, I think I got a tear in my eye! I found the recipe here at Southern Plate….a nod to those southern belles!

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Clean up

Nick is helping clean up the yard for some cold, hard cash!

Don’t let the angry eyes fool you…he was thrilled a pack of girls came over and “tp-ed’ the house

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