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Pinewood Derby

The Cars-Tony’s car is green and orange, Nick’s is blue with red flames.

The Race

The smiles

Nick got third place for his den(thrilled). Tony got three trophies: Best of Show, Second place Den and Second place for the whole Pack!
Hubba helped set up the track, he and two other Dads were there the whole time….so much work goes into little boys having fun!

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Rainy Day Hooray

Tony made the Muji/Lego Dragon today. He liked it. I think it freaked him out that I was so into it, but he still enjoyed it! Joe played with an umbrella in the rain, and Nick hung out with his Buddy Harrison. They went to the movies and saw the tooth fairy movie. Dad worked in the shop and I started cleaning out the junk drawers in the kitchen! All in all, I’d say a perfect day.

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Free Throw

I love the look on the ref’s face, he also happens to be the man in charge of the program…..Nick had an interesting free throw technique and I caught the above still of it. Enjoyable. Very Enjoyable.

Tony and two of his good friends from class were playing outside of the gym, in almost darkness, waiting for little brothers to finish up the game. They were torturing Joe, Playing Basketball, and joking around. All three will be in the school play so they will get to enjoy each others company a lot over the next few months.

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Person of the week

Mr. Joe was person of the week. He got to pick someone in our family to read a book in class and Joe picked Dad, then Tony, then Dad. I took a picture of each page of the book so all the kids could see it on the smart board. Joe liked being center of attention.

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I’m the luckiest chick ever. I found out about these beauties Here at Hello Sandwich and then a wonderful Bunco friend mentioned she was going to Japan and I shared my find with her, she made it her mission to find them and now I own one! Cool-i-o. We ( I mean, they) will give them a try this weekend!

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The Wizard of Oz craziness begins

Dad walked up, arm around Tony, to see if his audition, and attitude were good enough to be in the school play.

Tony got the part of Professor Marvel

and he is also a Winkie, a guard of the wicked witch

I think he is going to have a great time this season.

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100th Day Celebration

The first graders had fun, 100th day of school centers today. They got to string 100 fruit loops, and make a necklace. The also drew a picute of themselves in 100 years, what they would do with 100 dollars. I was lucky enough with a fun Mom and the art center, make a picture out of a hundred squares. I love the energy in the 1st classroom.

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Sports illustrated Haps

Sports Illustrated has been a focal point around these parts since Saturday. Turns out that after some Olympic coverage of curling(which Nick dug) Joe went savage-Joe-crazy as the TV was switched right at the beginning of coverage of the making of the sports illustrated magazine swimsuit addition, Six year old Joe loves the ladies. Luckily Barnyard is a close second(dude your six years old).
Then, today,,,, I got a whispered phone call from a Mom, that went something like this, “OK, Julie….my son and a friend just took the sports illustrated swimsuit magazine into his bedroom and shut the door, What do I do?” Ohhh Baby did I laugh. My advice? Pretend you are putting away laundry and then casually say”oh good, I’ve been looking for that, (insert friend name) wants to know who makes the swimsuit on page (whatever), thanks boys” ……TO which she said,”I didn’t know parenting involved acting.” And I replied, “Then you have been doing it wrong!”

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The lil dude in our familia is ill. He is on the other side of ill as it started last week, but I got the call from the school nurse about 15 minutes after school started to come pick up the lil dude! The thing is, his energy level is fine so I entertained him all day long. We played cards, went to spelling city and played with his spelling words, we colored and did homework, read books. He said he liked being homeschooled.silly rabbit.

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I cleaned up a little around my computer today and I found little pieces of paper with no homes. The thing about these little pieces of paper is they have big messages. Uncle Jimmy is coming over today to help me learn about a scanner I got for Christmas, so I need to make room. I’ve decide to file these gems and when I need some kid lov’n, I’ll give a kid a hug or look at this post and remember all my little notes.

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