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Baking Monday

“Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick. Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso.” ~Spanish Proverb
I’m going through cookbooks and only keeping recipes I think I might try, this was one I thought the boys would like so I cut it out and gave it a try.
Cupcake Surprises
1 package chocolate cake mix
1 1/3 water
3 eggs
1/3 vegetable oil
1 package Refrigerated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
1 container chocolate frosting
1 package semi-sweet chocolate mimi morsels

Preheat 350. Add paper liners to cupcake pan.
Beat cake mix, water, eggs, and oil in a large mixing bowl on low for 30 seconds. Beat on medium 2 minutes(until smooth). Spoon batter in each cup, filing 2/3rds full. Place 1 ball of cookie dough in each cupcake, pressing down into the bottom.
Bake 19-22 minutes. Let cool. frost and sprinkle with mini chocolate chips.
The boys loved them and the trampolines girls seemed to like them too!


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past my bedtime

Tonight it was the Hawaiian islands monk seal that kept me up. It was eleven o’clock and I was turning the tv to a cartoon channel in case the boys woke up early. Somehow I landed on PBS and I was hipnotized into an hour about the monk seals. When the scientist found the feeding area I was just as happy as he was. I think it might make me a lame-o. Thanks to PBS I went to bed knowing the monk seals might have a chance to fight back from the endangered list.

(last night it was lifetimes pregnancy pact that kept me up. geesh…..I need some sleep!)

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chocolate waves

After far too many days of rain interfering with letting out boyhood energy, the sun broke through in a big way. So big was the sun shining down on us that we loaded up into the car and headed to the beach for open range behavior. What we discovered there was chocolate waves, Hubba said coffee, but I say chocolate!

For three hours we farted around at the beach. Tony was collecting sticks with Nicks help. Joe was playing with the army men. We didn’t let them play in the dirty, nasty, water and yet the wide open spaced still served it’s purpose to recharge little and big souls!

The day came to a close with the boys making a fort with all the wood and what-not they found on the shore.

So three boys who needed time apart bunched together in a little fort. Can you guess what happened next? Tears, sandy eyes, screams, and yelling. Ah, yes all is normal in boyland.

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The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins: A World War II Soldier Report

Tony gave an oral report today in class, and true to form, it was a book about WWII. Because it was so darn rainy, I decided to pick him up at lunch so he didn’t have to put on his costume in the school bathrooms. He practiced a few more times at home, and then we brought him back to school.

After the report I took a quick picture, then Hubba and I went home.

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Walking through the American Revolution

‚ÄúThere, I guess King George will be able to read that.” Remark on signing American Declaration of Independence- John Hancock

Tony was John Hancock for a school activity today, (he eats this kind of stuff up)! The program lasted from 8:30-11:00.

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An afternoon of leisure

“It is in his pleasure that a man really lives; it is from his leisure that he constructs the true fabric of self.” ~Agnes Repplier
Afterschool paradise! I’m not sure how it happened, but it was a gift of a day. The boys came home and didn’t ask to be plugged into anything. All three found something to do.

Joe got to have a go at a flat screen lite brite.

Nick, with Dads help, folded some new paper airplanes from his new book.

Tony looked through his Christmas gifts and pulled out several different curiosities, including the ski mask that boomer here is questioning, an Erector set, and a book on how to draw cartoons.
It was a peaceful sliver of my life as their mother. Good times remembered. My favorites? Joe gave me an out of the blue hug and said he “loved me more than love”. Tony lingered around me, then sat next to me , then was buggy and Nick invited me to fly airplanes with him down the hallway. I’m telling you, paradise….it takes many forms, and today…right now THIS is paradise!

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Pack Meeting

Tony and Nick both had Boy Scouts meeting today. The above picture is Tony at the end of his meeting playing basketball. Nick’s group is a wee bit rascally so all parents are required to stay. I tell you what, they are rascals all right. One little boy hit a Mom in the head with the California State flag. Another kept saying the word penis. Nice. Nick, what did he do rascalily? He raised his hand every chance he got….ask a question, give an answer, make a statement. Lucky a craft came at the end, bear coin holder. Nick loved it.

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