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I did a Bad, Bad, thing…OK not THAT bad but, well…., I went to the public library to get Tony a book and I went alone. Watching video games was way more important to the kidlets, on the way home from said library I had a sweet tooth emergency, so I stopped at Suzie Cakes(before I made my family dinner) and ate a chocolate cupcake with white frosting all by myself (naughty, ain’t it?)

Nick’s Basketball game was tonight, they lost but Nick looked good

It seems I’ve been a wee bit of a passive aggressive Bitch lately(my husband said it much nicer, prettied it up with better words). I guess when I talk to friends and he hears things like I wish we had a couch that wasn’t held up by pieces of wood, and I wish we could go somewhere during ski week, and I wish we could redecorate, I wish I could paint the coffee table, I wish I could paint the front door, I wish the zipper on my $5 jeans stayed up, I wish the boys had carpet in their room instead of just plain floorboards like hobos, I wish….well, you get the picture. Truth is I didn’t know he was listening, I wish shit all the time. Turns out when hubba ease-drops….I’m a passive aggressive (rymthes with itch, I’ll only right potty words once in a post damn it!, oops).

I think from here on out let’s take away the passive aggressive and just call me the big B word~


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Thursday aka turdsday airsoft

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