The good, the bad, and the crazy

January 26, 2010 at 10:58 pm Leave a comment

Tony’s school loop update made me real happy.

Joe, as we walk out the door to drive to school, he looks at his dad and says, “kick-it cool, hounddog”.
………..I get this email from Nick’s teacher that almost makes me pee my pants: “Here’s one for the blog: Yesterday, Nick asked me what it means when your dog gets neutered. Yeah, kind of awkward! Thankfully, I had the cricket lingo in my back pocket. I was able to tell him it is when the crickets are removed from a dog. He LOVED that! Oh the things your third grade teacher is teaching your child! You’re welcome or I’m sorry…. which is appropriate in this situation?!!?!? ”
……….And another Joe story, Upon returning to the school, after Nick and I had a great lunch together, I see the yard duties and they say “what luck” to which I “uh-oh”, ….turns out a little boy punched Joe in the stomach and Joe responded by grabbing him by the throat. (I think to myself every action causes a reaction…which makes me think…… hey maybe Joe has a scientific mind)


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Hey Mom, can I have lunch with you? Amazing

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