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The good, the bad, and the crazy

Tony’s school loop update made me real happy.

Joe, as we walk out the door to drive to school, he looks at his dad and says, “kick-it cool, hounddog”.
………..I get this email from Nick’s teacher that almost makes me pee my pants: “Here’s one for the blog: Yesterday, Nick asked me what it means when your dog gets neutered. Yeah, kind of awkward! Thankfully, I had the cricket lingo in my back pocket. I was able to tell him it is when the crickets are removed from a dog. He LOVED that! Oh the things your third grade teacher is teaching your child! You’re welcome or I’m sorry…. which is appropriate in this situation?!!?!? ”
……….And another Joe story, Upon returning to the school, after Nick and I had a great lunch together, I see the yard duties and they say “what luck” to which I “uh-oh”, ….turns out a little boy punched Joe in the stomach and Joe responded by grabbing him by the throat. (I think to myself every action causes a reaction…which makes me think…… hey maybe Joe has a scientific mind)

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Hey Mom, can I have lunch with you?

Yep. tacos with no lettuce from taco bell and a little bounce-bounce-bounce. A lunch date with Mom beats a school lunch with friends (this won’t last long, so I’m taking advantage!)

back to school for some more learning little dude!

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