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chocolate waves

After far too many days of rain interfering with letting out boyhood energy, the sun broke through in a big way. So big was the sun shining down on us that we loaded up into the car and headed to the beach for open range behavior. What we discovered there was chocolate waves, Hubba said coffee, but I say chocolate!

For three hours we farted around at the beach. Tony was collecting sticks with Nicks help. Joe was playing with the army men. We didn’t let them play in the dirty, nasty, water and yet the wide open spaced still served it’s purpose to recharge little and big souls!

The day came to a close with the boys making a fort with all the wood and what-not they found on the shore.

So three boys who needed time apart bunched together in a little fort. Can you guess what happened next? Tears, sandy eyes, screams, and yelling. Ah, yes all is normal in boyland.


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