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An afternoon of leisure

“It is in his pleasure that a man really lives; it is from his leisure that he constructs the true fabric of self.” ~Agnes Repplier
Afterschool paradise! I’m not sure how it happened, but it was a gift of a day. The boys came home and didn’t ask to be plugged into anything. All three found something to do.

Joe got to have a go at a flat screen lite brite.

Nick, with Dads help, folded some new paper airplanes from his new book.

Tony looked through his Christmas gifts and pulled out several different curiosities, including the ski mask that boomer here is questioning, an Erector set, and a book on how to draw cartoons.
It was a peaceful sliver of my life as their mother. Good times remembered. My favorites? Joe gave me an out of the blue hug and said he “loved me more than love”. Tony lingered around me, then sat next to me , then was buggy and Nick invited me to fly airplanes with him down the hallway. I’m telling you, paradise….it takes many forms, and today…right now THIS is paradise!

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