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play with me at least

We had a beyond boring Saturday…and I loved it. While hubba was watching football (playoffs) and I was avoiding housework, I heard the boys outside bouncing on the trampoline. The boy convo went like this: Joe belted out, “Hey Misfits, can one of you play with me at least.” Tony gave that no energy. Nick hollered back, “Yeah sure, I’m your G.I. Joe Momma.” …..that brought some serioius laughter followed by bouncing and singing “G.I. Joe Momma.” by all three boys. It’s goofy, and I don’t wanna forget it.

I also don’t want to forget all three boys huddled around Nick’s small portable DVD player on the floor in the livingroom watching Space Chimps and laughing hysterically, shoulder to shoulder. They have a bond…sometimes they think they don’t but I’ve seen it, I’ve heard it, and I love it!

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