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My shoes stink but I’m afraid if I wash them they won’t fit.
My zipper on my $5 dollar clearance pants keep falling down.
I forgot to bring money to pay Nick’s tutor.
I forgot to write the addresses on the Christmas(yeah, I said Christmas) packages I sent to my family up north (luckily, I had a nice postman the people behind me in line..annoyed).
A friends attempt at sarcastic humor while texting me scared the shite(that’s right, rhythms with light…shite)out of me (I thought she told a very skinny woman I thought she was pregnant….the way these bitches workout, you could get shot for a comment like that).
And my last real sad confession of a chubby unskilled homemaker is this, the laundry has been so out of control, I have been using the bathtub as overflow(classy ain’t it).
Chocolate…medication….alcohol, I’m open for suggestions.

January 14, 2010 at 9:48 pm 3 comments