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Auntie made the boys, each a quilt and they were washed at the laudromat today with all the other blankets and quilts. Clean boy beds…..ahhh life is good!

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A new cell phone

“The trouble with talking too fast is you may say something you haven’t thought of yet.” ~Ann Landers

It seems hot chocolate makes cell phones useless. One of the boys must have dipped my phone in their cocoa over Christmas break. When I opened the battery compartment because I couldn’t get my phone to work, I saw a little brown puddle on top of the battery….so today I got me a new phone. My son has a nicer cell than I, I’m just so damn cheap it’s not funny. I was due for a new one so we get the rebate, but still… I always go for the cheapest model on the floor, In two years when I get my new rebate, I’m getting a phone with a typepad because texting is very difficult currently, not difficult enough to pay more, but difficult none the less!

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