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Tony and Hubba are at the airsoft party. Nick, Joe and I have been busy little bees. We ran errands, Nick got a haircut, getting ready to sit down and paper craft for the third grade door. I’m busy and yet the house still looks like crap, not one bit of organizing is getting done, and I have yet to grocery shop for the week…..but I wouldn’t miss watching a little boy blow bubbles in the backyard for (as the saying goes) all the tea in China!

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“Peace hath higher tests of manhood Than battle ever knew.” ~John Greenleaf Whittier
Tony is going to an airsoft birthday battle tomorrow. Am I thrilled? Hell no! People are going to be running around shotting plastic pellets at my son. Do I expect tears? Yep. Is he beyond excited? Yep. Another test of motherhood, letting go a wee bit. Today all three boys were in army mode. Defending each other and themselves from an invisible preditor. Tony was preparing for tomorrow battle.

Tony’s preparing to be pelleted with air-soft pellets

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I did a Bad, Bad, thing…OK not THAT bad but, well…., I went to the public library to get Tony a book and I went alone. Watching video games was way more important to the kidlets, on the way home from said library I had a sweet tooth emergency, so I stopped at Suzie Cakes(before I made my family dinner) and ate a chocolate cupcake with white frosting all by myself (naughty, ain’t it?)

Nick’s Basketball game was tonight, they lost but Nick looked good

It seems I’ve been a wee bit of a passive aggressive Bitch lately(my husband said it much nicer, prettied it up with better words). I guess when I talk to friends and he hears things like I wish we had a couch that wasn’t held up by pieces of wood, and I wish we could go somewhere during ski week, and I wish we could redecorate, I wish I could paint the coffee table, I wish I could paint the front door, I wish the zipper on my $5 jeans stayed up, I wish the boys had carpet in their room instead of just plain floorboards like hobos, I wish….well, you get the picture. Truth is I didn’t know he was listening, I wish shit all the time. Turns out when hubba ease-drops….I’m a passive aggressive (rymthes with itch, I’ll only right potty words once in a post damn it!, oops).

I think from here on out let’s take away the passive aggressive and just call me the big B word~

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Thursday aka turdsday

First graders have way, way, way, too much homework this time of year. Joe probably did an hour and a half of homework and then he had an assignment he didn’t finish in class that he had to do as well. It was super rough. It always shocks me, he’s been on the planet six years and expectations are freak’n high.
Tony started volleyball tonight
Nick forgot his homework at school which annoyed me because he had tutoring.

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“Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.” ~William James
That boy shined when he was on that stage. Self-confidence, enthusiasm, fun, joy, all centered in this 11 yr old, goofy, boy that I am damn proud to call my son. He didn’t shine for me or his Dad, this is all his doing, his joy, his happy place… imagine, this was just an audition for the school talent show…..I can’t wait to see the main event!

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The good, the bad, and the crazy

Tony’s school loop update made me real happy.

Joe, as we walk out the door to drive to school, he looks at his dad and says, “kick-it cool, hounddog”.
………..I get this email from Nick’s teacher that almost makes me pee my pants: “Here’s one for the blog: Yesterday, Nick asked me what it means when your dog gets neutered. Yeah, kind of awkward! Thankfully, I had the cricket lingo in my back pocket. I was able to tell him it is when the crickets are removed from a dog. He LOVED that! Oh the things your third grade teacher is teaching your child! You’re welcome or I’m sorry…. which is appropriate in this situation?!!?!? ”
……….And another Joe story, Upon returning to the school, after Nick and I had a great lunch together, I see the yard duties and they say “what luck” to which I “uh-oh”, ….turns out a little boy punched Joe in the stomach and Joe responded by grabbing him by the throat. (I think to myself every action causes a reaction…which makes me think…… hey maybe Joe has a scientific mind)

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Hey Mom, can I have lunch with you?

Yep. tacos with no lettuce from taco bell and a little bounce-bounce-bounce. A lunch date with Mom beats a school lunch with friends (this won’t last long, so I’m taking advantage!)

back to school for some more learning little dude!

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Baking Monday

“Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick. Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso.” ~Spanish Proverb
I’m going through cookbooks and only keeping recipes I think I might try, this was one I thought the boys would like so I cut it out and gave it a try.
Cupcake Surprises
1 package chocolate cake mix
1 1/3 water
3 eggs
1/3 vegetable oil
1 package Refrigerated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
1 container chocolate frosting
1 package semi-sweet chocolate mimi morsels

Preheat 350. Add paper liners to cupcake pan.
Beat cake mix, water, eggs, and oil in a large mixing bowl on low for 30 seconds. Beat on medium 2 minutes(until smooth). Spoon batter in each cup, filing 2/3rds full. Place 1 ball of cookie dough in each cupcake, pressing down into the bottom.
Bake 19-22 minutes. Let cool. frost and sprinkle with mini chocolate chips.
The boys loved them and the trampolines girls seemed to like them too!

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past my bedtime

Tonight it was the Hawaiian islands monk seal that kept me up. It was eleven o’clock and I was turning the tv to a cartoon channel in case the boys woke up early. Somehow I landed on PBS and I was hipnotized into an hour about the monk seals. When the scientist found the feeding area I was just as happy as he was. I think it might make me a lame-o. Thanks to PBS I went to bed knowing the monk seals might have a chance to fight back from the endangered list.

(last night it was lifetimes pregnancy pact that kept me up. geesh…..I need some sleep!)

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chocolate waves

After far too many days of rain interfering with letting out boyhood energy, the sun broke through in a big way. So big was the sun shining down on us that we loaded up into the car and headed to the beach for open range behavior. What we discovered there was chocolate waves, Hubba said coffee, but I say chocolate!

For three hours we farted around at the beach. Tony was collecting sticks with Nicks help. Joe was playing with the army men. We didn’t let them play in the dirty, nasty, water and yet the wide open spaced still served it’s purpose to recharge little and big souls!

The day came to a close with the boys making a fort with all the wood and what-not they found on the shore.

So three boys who needed time apart bunched together in a little fort. Can you guess what happened next? Tears, sandy eyes, screams, and yelling. Ah, yes all is normal in boyland.

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