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fish eyed

This is the shot I was wanting a fish eye lens for….ahh, yes….just like a fish in a fish bowl.
Nick and Joe were outside Nick on his new Birthday bike and Joe on his three wheel trick razor he got for Christmas. Today we shopped a little with the loot the boys got for Christmas we played outside inside and all around. Joe and I went around the block and he said, “Mom remember when I was two, three, and four? We did this all the time” I shared I would walk with him anytime his heart desired and he got off his three-wheeled razor and hugged me…life is good!


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My favorite day of the year

Dude, I get a charge like you wouldn’t believe the day after Christmas! No expectations, no plans, no have-to’s, just be. ahhhhhh. Paradise. I thought, on this day of doing whatever the hell I want, I’d share some yesterday stuff. Hubba gifted me a Precision super AF fisheye lens and it’s a hoot!

look at the willing assistant trying to keep his green heart(his favorite color) together. Total focus and cooperation.
And the opening of the gifts

Tongue out, the sign of total involvement

the almost smile, a almost teenager can’t show too much joy

Nick, holding the box of Ben 10 actions figures by his ankles rocking back and forth thrusting his fist in the air….yes!

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