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101st Newport Boat Parade

Nana, Uncle Chris,our neighbor EL,  and the 5 of us went to the Boat parade tonight. I would like to share that the boys were well-behaved angels, but I can’t. I said, “don’t” so many times tonight I thought I’d lose my voice. Once the parade started it got a little easier for me to ignore their poor behavior and focus on the pretty lights. Examples of poor behavior? sure thing….Tony was pulling Joe by his shoes on the sand, when Joe’s shoe came off Joe started screaming, “Idiot” at the top of his lungs. Nick pinched and sat on Joe and when confronted he said, “I fell”. Tony was throwing the light stick and fetching it, he almost hit a person. ugggh.

The parade was pretty and with just a little velcro and duct tape, I might attend next year!

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Christmas Concert

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”
Norman Vincent Peale
OK, so the boys school had a Christmas Concert, I think I can officially say it was the best ever. I cried, tears of happiness, looking at all those cute little faces. Little faces searching for their Moms and Dads in the audience and then waving and smiling when they find parents, kids forgetting their place while they are singing and look over with their eyes at their neighbor trying to figure out the words, oh the wiggles, giggles, and the angelic little voices. Fills the heart with much joy! I just want to soak it up in a happy sponge and squeeze a little out each day of the year!

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