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Cowboy Casino Night

Cowboy Casino Night on New Year’s Eve

We test drove a new tradition and it almost worked, except the drama at the end when two little tired boys weren’t the winners. Tears all the way to the bed. We ate cowboy food. Weiners, Chili, pickles, green olives, and I tried Cowboy Caviar from recipezaar I read the reviews on the side and followed some things they said. I thought it yummy! The big winner of the $25 dollar Target Gift Card, Hubba-Bubba! We laughed and played roulette and twenty-one. It was very stress free. We even had cowboy hats and listened to old cowboy music….if you’re gonna do it, do it right! Happy New Year’s Eve.Yeeh-haw!

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Sir wet bottom and friends

sometimes you just need to bounce, in the rain, with friends, and a dog, and a soccer ball. These goofballs were in the wet trampoline a WAY long time. The top of tony’s pants is the actual color they are dry. Tony and his buddy Ashe had a hard time standing with out slipping however Nick had his jump on!

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I’m impressed that he can focus this long, that he wants to focus this long. I’m impressed because I would have given up. He is so freak’n cool.

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Sandy toes in December

The boys have been in voluntary seclusion since Christmas, playing with new toys and what-not. Yesterday’s Park pooped them out, which means they could use even more fresh air. Today started with a bike ride and then a little beach play.

It’s like traveling with a zoo….the monkeys I live with are always full of entertainment.

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Vintage Handblown Ornaments-Home Decor

These babies are awesome

Vintage Handblown Ornaments-Home Decor.

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Boys with wheels

“Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time.” ~Motto of the Baltimore Grotto

It was time to take the boys to a wide open space. We chose Huntington Central Park to roam, the boys on wheels, Hubba and I on foot. It went pretty well except Tony sat in bird poop and Joe’s shorts were so far up his toochie we weren’t sure he could walk straight….other than that a splendid day.

I feel pretty lucky that we live in such a pretty place.

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Odd Bird

My Dad used to refer to me as a “Character”, I prefer “Odd Bird” either way, I think my taste in music really cements my personality Issues. I’m totally into Hank Williams Sr. right now. Hubba fixed a stereo in the room formally known as our livingroom (the stereo hasn’t worked for at least six years), and now I’m ready to reintroduce music to my life! I researched and have started a list of songs I’d like to download that would directly enhance the mood I’d prefer to be in all my live long days. Here is one side of my researched songs.

I was toe tapping all day long!

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fish eyed

This is the shot I was wanting a fish eye lens for….ahh, yes….just like a fish in a fish bowl.
Nick and Joe were outside Nick on his new Birthday bike and Joe on his three wheel trick razor he got for Christmas. Today we shopped a little with the loot the boys got for Christmas we played outside inside and all around. Joe and I went around the block and he said, “Mom remember when I was two, three, and four? We did this all the time” I shared I would walk with him anytime his heart desired and he got off his three-wheeled razor and hugged me…life is good!

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My favorite day of the year

Dude, I get a charge like you wouldn’t believe the day after Christmas! No expectations, no plans, no have-to’s, just be. ahhhhhh. Paradise. I thought, on this day of doing whatever the hell I want, I’d share some yesterday stuff. Hubba gifted me a Precision super AF fisheye lens and it’s a hoot!

look at the willing assistant trying to keep his green heart(his favorite color) together. Total focus and cooperation.
And the opening of the gifts

Tongue out, the sign of total involvement

the almost smile, a almost teenager can’t show too much joy

Nick, holding the box of Ben 10 actions figures by his ankles rocking back and forth thrusting his fist in the air….yes!

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Right before they see their gifts from Santa, before cinnamon rolls, before stockings, before breakfast, before gifts…..they stop and take a picture for their Momma! Merry Christmas to all.

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