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soldiers through the decades, Joe your current G.I.Joe, Nick a Union Soldier, and Tony, 70’s soldier. They all did there own “thing” for the next pictures!
We had a great time! And here are the pumpkins.
Tony had me print a google map of our neighborhood and he outlined our trick or treating route(priceless). Nick and Joe were exhausted, all the boys had early soccer games so we came back before Tony and his friend Ashe. Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Chris, Nick, Joe, and I sat down and watched The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (that was my favorite part of Halloween). When hubba got back with Ashe and Tony they watched, Mummy of Darkness I can guarantee with the amount of laughing that was happening that had to be Tony’s favorite part of Halloween!

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“You are not the boss of the pumpkin parade!”

Joe drew scenes all over his pumpkin and wished to have them carved out, the problems is, it wasn’t possible. After hours of sugar at school, and soccer practice, he was NOT up for that news. Dad took him into the kitchen to discuss his pumpkin art…oh my, we all thought we heard “You are not the boss of the pumpkin parade!”…Hubba said it was more along the lines of “You are not the boss of my pumpkin.” either way, the boy had a vision and it was unrealized……Joe got over it and smiled once again. His pumpkin turned out marvie! I love the tongue.
Nick is the turtle in the old fable “the turtle and the hare” slow and steady carved the pumpkin! he worked so darn hard (the shell was thick). I love when he works through it himself and doesn’t throw in the towel.
Tony drew possible mouths, noses, and mouths out on a piece of paper, asked for opinions for the other pumpkins carvers and then dug in to the carving. I think you will be a list man just like your Daddy!

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School o’ween

“Hold on, man. We don’t go anywhere with “scary,” “spooky,” “haunted,” or “forbidden” in the title.” ~From Scooby-Doo
I had a blast, I swallowed hard photographing the classes. I feel so special being a part of their school, first and second grade are the funniest party grades at our school. My last first grader…. these are the days when time feels like it is flying by….I am participating and feel darn lucky that I’m allowed!
Nick’s class made cookies and did the above craft. Joe made ghost goggles, a cookie, a spooky bookmark, a soft dough pumpkin, and skittles graphing. Tony’s class had a costume parade-Tony won for his class and he was thrilled. After was made glitter glasses and moustaches. SO MUCH FUN!

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The Day that never ended

Dude. end already. I volunteered in Tony’s class and we did math. you know I’m dyslexic, right? Me, math? Ha! Funny. I pulled all the smart people first so they could it explain it to me, by the end of the hour those 5th grader taught me a lot! Then I zoomed around getting craft stuff for the 5th grade craft project for halloweenie. That brought me back to Nick’s class. I took pictures. I LOVE taking pictures, the funny thing is, at school I get good pictures of everyones kid but my own. Ta-Da
Then I went to the grocery store, picked up the boys. We went to the park for an hour with a friend of Nicks. Came home, got tony ready for soccer, did homework with Nick and Joe, called Nick’s tutor and apologized for being a space cadet and totally flaking on her, made dinner, ate, and then worked with Tony on his explorer report.
And then I assembled 40 bags for the craft projects. Good Night and sleep tight!

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Hey Lil Pumpkin

Tanaka Farms called us out to play today…..
If a face could sum up my feelings of fall it would be this face right here. It’s so beautiful, I must close my eyes to soak it in properly. (Nick however is just annoyed at the wind and sun!)
Two activities are high on the list of visiting the farm fun, throwing dirt clods at the ground to watching them explode into baby clods and pumpkin jumping
Now is the time of the day to give Mama some posed pumpkin love….ahhhh
and my favorite picture of the day, Joe was a wee mad at his brothers for leaving him in the middle ot the corn maze….ohhhh the pouty face
Hubba rode the boys around in the wheelbarrow, we got itty bitty pumpkins for funkins, exploration happened and happiness happened. Our pumpkin patch work it done!

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Storybird love

So my family is totally in love with story bird a website that supplies illustrations and you make up stories to go along with them. FUN! I made this one as an example for Joe’s Teacher. I thought it would be interesting to see it as a class collaboration. Go sign up and enjoy! We sure did! This story is called   -ug    ….go check it out!

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Baking Monday

Candy Corn Cookies
I used my favorite cut out cookie recipe. I bought white and yellow melting chocolate and dipped the cookies in the melted chocolate. The boys thought they were awesome!

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Family Pictures

We had Rebeca take our family pictures today. Bless every inch of her. I didn’t see the hair on my chin until I was in the car on the way to meet her at the beach….Oh well. I wore lip gloss “frosted” lip gloss, just like I did in the early 80’s because it was the only thing in the bathroom I could find and I tried to be a true girl and wear make-up, honestly it just makes me look more like a truck driver! The boys did better than they have in the past, great would be stretching the truth. Joe’s eyes and the camera lens have the same magnetic pull therefore he is unable to look directly at it, or he’s a turd. I can’t wait to see the results.

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so pretty

I just saw a post about the hot air balloon show in Albuquerque. I wanted to go there so bad for our tenth anniversary. Check it out HERE. I have closed the book on wanting to go here, after all…. there are no throw up rides or other boy activities, but it was a dream once…..a couple years ago

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Fall Festival Camo Style

The schools fall festival was a big hit. I took pictures for the first two hours. I had promised the lady in charge of the yearbook that I would, while snapping pictures I peeked in on my boys. Joe love the lego booth. You could make cars and race them around. Nick had a rather good time playing all the carnival games. Tony just enjoyed the freedom of running around a large event with his friends. Fun was had by all!

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