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a beachy day

“Just because you’re miserable doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life.” ~Annette Goodheart
O.K. so the Jr. Guards crap put me in a mood and I feel the grey cloud above my head, but I’m trying real hard not to look up. Today we went to the beach. Tony asked last week to go to a certain beach. Hubba agreed, and then, I think, forgot…so he asked again, forgot. Then today we pick up Nick and Joe from VBS and this very three stooges moment happens where my husband asked Tony what beach he wanted to go to…then every time Tony named one, Hubba said, Not that one because it’s to______. Finally, one by the a pier was decided on. I was stoked because it was close to 1pm and the 7thirty poptart was long gone, a pier equals food….happy mom. A empty parking spot changed pier/food plan. I’m self talking down from the mini-tantrum in my head. Why ask Tony what beach he wants to go to it a parking spot is deciding? Why get my food hopes up? Why, why, w-h-y? We schlep the beach crap to the sandy shore and hubba feels Mt. Saint Julie about to erupt. What’s a matter? he asked. I just need a minute to chill, I share…..Then he offers me peanuts…I never wanted to shove something so far up his nose in all my living days….(inside voice)NO, I want freak’n pier food.
and the man who promised his twelve hundred pound wife a possible food beach and then didn’t deliver
We had a great time(hungry)saw dolphins(hungry)found neat seashell(hungry)Joe did a robot dance down to the beach(hungry)tony enjoyed jumping into the waves(hungry)Nick and Joe gave a young version of a cat call to four young women in bikinis(hungry)saw an albino man(hungry)read a little(hungry).

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I like color and I like colors swirled together pretty like….only I’m not real good at deciding what colors look good together so I like going to this color website and being a color voyeur of sorts. I really like these colors:
They make me real happy.

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Monster Mile

Monster Mile Costume
Run-Run monster mile start! Tony had a great time. I am still upset about yesterday and the overall lack of communication with this program…Start a freak’n Blog people explain where the start and finish locations are for both the run swim and the run-run, explain that the run run doesn’t start until the freak’n day is almost over. More hateful thoughts and cursing in my brain.

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No Pier jump pics & VBS pics

The 25 dollar a kid Jesus Camp, I get pictures. The $700 jr. guards program I don’t get the opportunity to get the pier jump pictures(rrrrh)! Rant begins here: I am so pissed that because I don’t have blonde hair and big tits, and I’m not on the phone tree of “thee” parents, I don’t get to cheer my son on. Insert hateful thoughts and more curse words. Dude, when he came home smiling from ear to ear my heart sank. IF PARENTS ARE NOT GOING TO BE ALLOWED EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO SEE THE PIER JUMP THEN THEY SHOULD HAVE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER DOWN THERE TAKING PICTURES OF EVERY FREAK”N KID. Insert more hateful thoughts and curse words. Jesus Camp pray for me please.

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So when I picked Joe up from VBS he said he had a great time. A kid said he was going to punch Joe all the way threw his body and Joe told that kid, “if you do that you will go to Jooovie jail” he was so proud of his knowledge of the law!

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VBS and Nick’s summer project

Nick and Joe started at a Vacation Bible school today. They loved it! The theme is rock n’ roll baby! The boys were thrilled with the rock music and at one point they all got to scream shut up!

Nick’s summer project is coming along famously! He has gotten 17 postcard from sheriff’s all across the counrty. He is thrilled!

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Old Maid

A day of nothing. The boys did some chores, bounced on the trampoline, played card games, made a fort, and then came Sunday night dinner. Tony went to a birthday party at 4pm but made darn sure to come back by 6:30 for twice baked potatoes!

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