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Gone camping


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Chain trouble






Tony’s chain came off his bike after guards, so Joe, Nick, and I went down to get him and save the day. It bums me out that it’s brand spanking new, and the chains coming off. I am under a very rose-colored-glass belief that if I buy something it should work properly. He wasn’t hurt, or scared, or annoyed…therefore, I shall follow his lead!

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Borders a bust

I went to borders to find a book to read on our summer vacation. I took twelve possible titles, TWELVE and they had one. I didn’t care for that one after flipping the pages. It makes a girl feel like a square peg and the world is a round hole. I don’t want to read teens books about vampires or thrustin/throbbin novels…it’s almost makes a girl wanna become a writer! Almost. Geesh!

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sheep shearing day


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Tony has a very favorite song right now, it’s:”Foo Fighters-The Pretender”  Disc two, Track four in the minivan. At this point in momhood, the rearview mirror has turned from a safety device to a entertainment tool! Watching him sing this song is priceless. 

Past favorites: “Daniel Powter-Bad Day”, “Red Hot Chili Peppers-Dani California”, and some coountry songs…I can’t find his ipod or I’d share!

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Tony had a sleepover at Ashe’s Thursday Night and Friday I woke up to this picture in my inbox! I laughed so hard I pee’d my pants. Ashe’s mom said they put on their tutu’s then went outside and played handball with the neighbor girls. What goofballs!

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sailing towards smart island



Arsenal of knowledge. Every year I have the boys read and do workbooks all summer long. This year we wiped off a computer so that it is only educational games, NO Internet, just installed educational games. As far as education goes, I feel like it’s just out of the boys reach. They get sooo close to understanding a new concept at school and then it’s time to move on and now I’m left with educational floundering. I’m going to do my best to steady the little sailboats I live with….and this is one more tool! Thanks hubba bubba for all the hard work  getting it ready!

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