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Gone camping


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Chain trouble






Tony’s chain came off his bike after guards, so Joe, Nick, and I went down to get him and save the day. It bums me out that it’s brand spanking new, and the chains coming off. I am under a very rose-colored-glass belief that if I buy something it should work properly. He wasn’t hurt, or scared, or annoyed…therefore, I shall follow his lead!

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Borders a bust

I went to borders to find a book to read on our summer vacation. I took twelve possible titles, TWELVE and they had one. I didn’t care for that one after flipping the pages. It makes a girl feel like a square peg and the world is a round hole. I don’t want to read teens books about vampires or thrustin/throbbin novels…it’s almost makes a girl wanna become a writer! Almost. Geesh!

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sheep shearing day


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Tony has a very favorite song right now, it’s:”Foo Fighters-The Pretender”  Disc two, Track four in the minivan. At this point in momhood, the rearview mirror has turned from a safety device to a entertainment tool! Watching him sing this song is priceless. 

Past favorites: “Daniel Powter-Bad Day”, “Red Hot Chili Peppers-Dani California”, and some coountry songs…I can’t find his ipod or I’d share!

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Tony had a sleepover at Ashe’s Thursday Night and Friday I woke up to this picture in my inbox! I laughed so hard I pee’d my pants. Ashe’s mom said they put on their tutu’s then went outside and played handball with the neighbor girls. What goofballs!

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sailing towards smart island



Arsenal of knowledge. Every year I have the boys read and do workbooks all summer long. This year we wiped off a computer so that it is only educational games, NO Internet, just installed educational games. As far as education goes, I feel like it’s just out of the boys reach. They get sooo close to understanding a new concept at school and then it’s time to move on and now I’m left with educational floundering. I’m going to do my best to steady the little sailboats I live with….and this is one more tool! Thanks hubba bubba for all the hard work  getting it ready!

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Some Veggies of mine


Well a gardner, I’m not…but that has never stopped me from the old college try attitude!

IMG_7444It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.-  Lewis Grizzard…. What do you do when a tomato goes on strike? You picket.






What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?Pumpkin pi.



“Sex is good, but not as good as fresh, sweet corn.”Garrison Keillor


IMG_7450How can you tell a chili pepper from a regular pepper?

The chilly one wears a shawl.



IMG_7453What did one bean say to the other bean? 

How you bean doing? (I couldn’t find a pea joke, so a bean is close enough!)





IMG_7446When is a cucumber like a strawberry?

When one is in a pickle and the other is in a jam.

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It wouldn’t be summer without

It wouldn’t be summer without the V-to the- I-to the -D-to the -E-to the-O games! Video and computer games, baby. They are transition activities. After lunch they get to play for 15 minutes until it’s time for workbooks then we’ll head over to the library and get more books to read for next week after that it’s off to Karate! If they can fit 15 minutes more in before dinner they will be thrilled!


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What’s up doc?

A little dude running around with a carrot saying,”What’s up doc?” is happening, that’s what’s up!






















Now today was the first day Tony road down to Junior Guards on his bike. I am beyond thrilled for him, such freedom! He’s riding with a group of very good boys, from great families, which makes the decision to let him ride much easier!












Nick and Joe started summer science camp today. That’s twelve glorious fun-filled days of exercising their cute little brain muscles. They both looked a little nervous in the service, which shocked me, as I never see these rascals fear anything!

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