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Does everybody do this?

rite_aid_logo_smaller2So,  I was checking out at rite aid and I realized I was sharing in detail what I was going to use every item for…..and then it hit me. The twenty-something hispanic male cashier could give a rats-ass what I am going to do with my purchases. None the less, I ask him…Does everybody share what they are going to do with their purchases…he paused and said, “no, but I can usually guess.” Should I question my own mental health or do I just look one generation back and realize…of the 10 children my grand ma and grandpa had….all of them… did this. It’s the “too much information gene”……The Rite Aid cashier was just one in a line of victims of my sharing ways!

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Took Nick and Joe to the school’s MPR and watched Bolt. As much as I have bitchy thoughts in my head about the women at the school , I do see the sense of community the boys feel at events like this. I spent the second half of the movie just watching Nick and Joe cuddled up in their favorite blankets watching stories! They are amazing which meant the event amazing!

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