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Up brought me down















SO on Friday we went and saw Up in 3-D at the Irvine spectrum. I cried like a baby. An Animated movie with death and miscarriage in the first 10 minutes? I mean really. And then the fact that the woman dies without reaching her dream. I felt slapped in the face…I don’t have dreams anymore, I couldn’t think of one dream and that made me cry harder. So there I was, in the dark with 3-D glasses sobbing over a damn animated realization that I paid 15 bucks for. Come on, really? I can cry at home for free. It took me two days to even admit it. I already hate the movies, this kind of cemented it for me!

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My hearts swells

My hearts swells with pride as I see My three boys holding hands and happily walking with their Dad into the home depot. I wish I had my camera! Hubba-Bubba is working on a project for the school play and needed some building stuff. I, the little sneak that I am, disappeared into the garden center. After about 10 minutes I heard a faint quacking sound coming through a pipe. I quacked back because any good mother knows her own sons quack through a pipe sound(it was Joe)…..sure enough, three quacks came back and the quackers happily appeared coming out of the back door of the building into the garden center. Hubba bought each boy his very own pvc noise maker. With quacking smiles, they marched right over to their quacking mother and we annoyed the other garden center shoppers until we left the joint….who needs disneyland?


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Happy Birthday Hubba Bubba

elvisTo the man who helps out at baseball practice, soccer practice, makes lunches and snacks, builds props for the school play, goes to boy scout camp, makes birthday parties historic, and watches stories at the end of the night with his wife…..Happy, Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you do. We love you with all our heart.

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Let’s Roll

Nick came home with a desire to roll. I too, have strange desires soooo… after completion of the middle dudes homework, we went to the park down the street with a hill and the boys rolled.


Joe had a friend over who thought rolling sounded enjoyable, so three little boys rolled down the hill. A lady walking by commented that see doesn’t see rolling happen as much as she used to. Well, we are making it “cool-io” again! Roll people roll.

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Lion and Man Cubs











Had me a little Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom on my front lawn. Dominance or play? Who am I to Judge. It’s all fun and games until someone bites someone in the neck!






















I guess when you choose to give a guy Mexican wrestling action figures for his birthday, a guy might choose to try some moves on his brother. My kids are not into wrestling one bit, I just found these action figures entertaining…so tonight when all the boys are in bed and I can have the best ones….I shall play with them!

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Baking Monday moved to Tuesday

With the Holiday and coming home from visiting family, baking Monday just didn’t happen yesterday…but you need not fear

housewifeI looked to a women who, not only makes my tummy and taste buds happy,…..she also makes my belly jiggle with laughter! I made a dessert from  The Pioneer Women’s arsenal of goodies. And while you are reading the recipe you get to learn about her siblings love for the recipe Click Over to the Recipe HERE! The boys aren’t home yet so I don’t have a family thumbs up or down.

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“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.” 
John Harrigan 

I came back home and the green bean seeds have burst into  wee sprouts. The first daisy bud exploded into a beautiful flower. And a special little boy picked a daisy and put it in a vase for  me. It’s good to be home!


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48 hours of family

“If the family were a fruit, it would be an orange, a circle of sections, held together but separable – each segment distinct.”  ~Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Joe and I had a great time. Joe chased peacock’s at Smith Family Farms and looked at all the farm animals-baby chicks, goats, donkeys, lots of land to explore, we saw Billy, Nick and Aunt Betty. Before Smith farms we went to Pizza with Aunt Tina and then she came to the farm with us. The next day we went to Aunt Char an Uncle Bob’s where Joe ate like a king- nice cold watermelon, chocolate cupcake, a hot dog and chips and then Uncle Bobby gave Joe 5 bucks to go buy an ice cream when he got home! We saw Aunt Mary in the rehabilitation home, she broke her hip  and was in pain. We went to my Mom’s grave. We stayed with Robin and Joe loved her house so soft and cozy. We left Sunday with arms full of apricots and cherries from smith farms! What a great visit!

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1949 John Deere AO

“Hey P-Pa, Can we go ride a tractor?” asked Joe. “Does a Bear shit in the woods?” asked P-Pa right back! And they were off!

IMG_5477My favorite part of my Dad’s kingdom of old tractors is the stories that go along with them. This is an orchard tractor he bought from the Slatten Ranch. A ranch that he was once a ranch hand on, and now its a huge retail center, last sold for 35 million. The ranch was beautiful and so is this tractor that helped make it so……the strip mall is ugly and so are the developers who made it. Change sucks!

IMG_5459My boys love Tractor rides with P-pa. He usually sings and tells them jokes and answers questions about rusty old farm equipment that were once very important tools.

IMG_5526Hay stacks, tractors, and land….that is P-Pa.

IMG_5588Larger than life!

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My Sisters decided to celebrate our Dad’s 75 birthday a year early. So we snuck up to Northern California and said,  “Surprise!”.


IMG_5333IMG_5349My Dad was expecting Shelly and Dave for a visit, but was shocked to see all of us waiting for him at a Mexican Restaurant in town! Sandy and Rick had things come up at the last minute so it was 3 of 5 kids and 4 out of 13 grandkids!

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